"Big 6" and the problem not the solution lies in defense

2020/2021 Premier League season is happening very unpredictable, with many unexpected scenarios of many. It was the rise of the team that will not be appreciated eve of this season as Leicester City, Southampton and Aston Villa. Meanwhile, the "bogeyman" of the league has not confirmed his superior strength.

MU and the Big 5 of handmade Premier League break, racing championship in any way?
MU always makes fans restless on defense (Image Source: Internet)

MU always makes fans restless on defense

The cause is explained by, the big teams are disparities relatively clear between attack and defense. Their attack is still largely proven performance and a counterweight destruction can not be underestimated with any competitor. In stark contrast, defense proved extremely fragile, could also explain why the club was playing pretty spluttering.

Manchester United and Liverpool in the Premier League 2019/2020 campaign are two of the team's defense has certainly and most robust tournament. But to come this season, here again is becoming two teams vented death rich superlative achievement England.

For example, the case of Liverpool. They took Virgil van Dijk severe trauma encountered in the Everton game on the field. Latest, latest-Trent Alexander Arnold and Joe Gomez also had to "make friends" with beds and no date for return.

The result is not unexpected, just after 8 matches played in the Premier League, "The Kop" had to get to 16 goals. Remember, both last season, coach Jürgen Klopp only he conceded the ball 33 times all.

Manchester United is a team that is causing concern for the fans when there are parameters in defense capabilities are not good at all. Seemed recruiting Harry Magiure from Leicester City Summer 2019 will help the defense, "Reds" become rigid and more difficult to beat.

But no, the problem that once exposed at the beginning of this season, especially in pathetic display against Tottenham 1-6 in round 4 on Old Trafford. Even the Old Trafford side's new single battle kept a clean sheet of the season so far (0-0 against Chelsea).

Another with two clubs above, Man City have somewhat improved significantly the quality of his defensive than last season after the presence of midfielder Ruben Dias from Benfica when to get 9 goals from open season.

Similar is the case of Chelsea, Arsenal or Tottenham. But with competition density dense as current plus breaks between the matches were shortened, we are not sure whether this will be their performance maintained in time for how long?

"Get the offset manually": The formula of the big win Premier League

Undeniably one thing, the top teams in the Premier League this season are playing defense rather chuech fuck and though different in many ways, they are not able to bring peace of mind for the home fans. But at the top, their attack brings a different face.

Liverpool's defense desolation because of injury

According to statistics, very surprised Tottenham and Chelsea are the two clubs have their most fearsome attacking Premier League this time. Surprisingly, when the number of goals they had scored through the defense even more than the defending champions Liverpool (respectively 19 and 20 goals).

Jose Mourinho showed Tottenham, Gareth Bale bringing back the old roof as a loan from Real Mdrid is a completely correct decision from the leadership to the Spurs. Whether new Welsh players have one phase set in wins Brighton.

But he and Heung-min Son duo and Harry Kane is creating a desirable combination with a lot of football fans worldwide. Evidence that the goal of 3 which together are 24 goals in all competitions, most if placed next to the "trio" in 5 different championships leading European countries.

STATISTICS goal / lose of Big 6 after 8 rounds

Like Tottenham, Chelsea after a first couple of matches are not like that are beginning to have signs in-form. Especially the integration of the remarkable rookie in attack as Timo Werner or Ziyech Hakim, ... are helping to coach the winning formula of Frank Lampard gradually formed. Demonstrates just after 8 rounds, "The Blues" has been 20 goals Thang- most of the teams in the Premier League at the moment.

In a context where the big guns are not going to be a defense strong enough and often reveal gaps to rival operators, the attacking play and control the game is the best way to reduce minimum risks go where rears. Champions Liverpool team who understands this better than anyone else.

"Red Brigade" just is ranked 3rd in the Premier League standings by being game patchwork defense after Van Dijk long-term injury. But a team of red shirts are still operating very smoothly when rookie Diogo Jota with Salah and Mane are increasingly showing the food ideas if they are Jürgen Klopp arranged next to each other play.