Sergio Reguilon left back, who made the world's best in years - Marcelo on the bench. It was Santiago Solari phase power coach at Real Madrid. He believes the new user 21 defenders than Marcelo, though when Brazilian star was only 30 years old.

MU about to explode
Reguilon (right), who made Bruno Fernandes having (Image Source: Internet)

Reguilon (right) Bruno Fernandes, who made trouble

And until today - after a season on loan at Sevilla extremely successful, Sergio Reguilon the threshold for career advancement. In distant England, he grew MU is devoted to negotiations with current club Real Madrid, an attempt to buy out the 23 year old is playing extremely leg in the left back position this.

Reguilon eager to play at the highest level, for the most ambitious team. But Zidane's coach trusted only duo Marcelo - Ferland Mendy. Therefore, he must stay in Sevilla for 1 year.

In the 2019/20 season jacket Sevilla on loan, Sergio Reguilon has shown great qualities when shows stability, and the ability to complete in both defense and attack stitching.

According to statistics from Marca, 1.8 tackles, the ball cut shot average of 1.1 per game is the number laudable from young Spanish star.

Not only that, Reguilon also contributed 2 goals and 4 phase is generated after 31 appearances. And now, a new horizon with new challenges waiting for the Europa League champions.

The Manucian Reguilon Sergio is looking forward to joining the ranks of "Reds". Still quite "anonymous", but any football expert has ever tracked players are playing to admit, Reguilon ownership of Pigments top stars.

Reguilon a genuine child of Real Madrid. He was born in this city in December 1996 and joined a training program of Real Madrid football when he was 4 years old. Talent to play early reveal help this boy be included in training programs for children age.

Sergio Reguilon known for extremely dynamic gameplay and versatile. You rock at left midfield, left midfield and defender - position of Reguilon made his name. Good speed helped this young man become an endurance machine operation, on the corridor on the left side of defense.

In addition, also owns technical Reguilon handle the ball at high level, can get along great in tight spaces, and could coordinate the release with teammates beating at high speed.

MU is very expected to successfully recruit Sergio Reguilon

Nobody alienated, the coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær and MU's players understand the talents of Sergio Reguilon. Wednesday 16/8, when Manchester United play against Sevilla in the Europa League semi-final, 23-year-old defender has made the defenders of the England team a little friable ear phen.

Main Reguilon who launched cross discomfort remove the entire defense, "Reds", is created to Suso leveled for Spain team before a 2-1 win against the current. This match, Reguilon are Whoscored dot 7.6 points - the second highest in the Sevilla team, only goalkeeper poorly Bono (7.8 points).

Once Reguilon nodded joined Old Trafford, this is clearly a very significant contract waiting for MU. In the context of both Luke Shaw and Brandon Williams did not meet the requirements, the presence of Reguilon can create the revolution to the left corridor of the "Reds".