Not long ago, the British press revealed Manchester United have officially abandoned the deal for Harry Kane as the price of 200 million pounds given by Tottenham is not "affordable". In terms of financial resources, not many teams in comparison with "Reds", so grave tone could not help wondering about the future of Kane in the context of England striker determined to farewell Tottenham to the "thirst " title.

MU abandon Harry Kane: Juventus admit the welcome
Juventus jumped into the race to recruit Harry Kane after MU "flight" (Image Source: Internet)

Juventus jumped into the race to recruit Harry Kane after MU "flight"

Recently however, the Corriere dello Sport says Juventus have joined the race to recruit Kane. According to Italian newspapers, the leadership of Serie A champions are looking for alternatives Gonzalo Higuaín.

After time postponed Serie A, Juventus has summoned the players back in training next week, but Higuain against orders amid fears of Covid complicated-19 in Italy. This action makes the team leaders angry.

In terms of class, Harry Kane Higuain no less competitive, even with the advantage of youth (26, less than 6 years old Higuain). The arrival of the British star will certainly flow of air blow for Juventus attack is increasingly dependent on Cristiano Ronaldo. In Serie A 2019/20, "Old Lady" recorded 50 new goals / 26 games (4th league), of which 21 belong CR7 goals.

Still fee of £ 200 is still the challenge with Juventus. Multiple sources confirmed "Old Lady" is experiencing financial difficulties, even consider selling Ronaldo for not "afford" floating salary 31 million euros / year (approximately 27 million pounds) of CR7.

Case still wants to keep Ronaldo to form pairs with Kane "Twins" in the dream, Juventus could push players to Tottenham 1-2 in the opposite direction (together with a sum of money) to balance finances.