Pogba made mistakes MU accept defeat:

Before MU entered the confrontation with Southampton midfielder Paul Pogba proved extremely confident when claiming the team is constantly progress and ready to win the Double trophy (the FA Cup and the Europa League) at the end of the season.

MU 90 minutes bitterness Air + 6, missed the top 3: Paul Pogba or who the sinner?
Pogba had a forgettable game (Image Source: Internet)

Pogba had a forgettable game

The main 'spirit helps Pogba continues to receive official position in confrontation with Southampton. However in the last match, the French star was born in 1993 to cause disappointment.

Play alongside Paul Pogba Matic but very clumsy and can play at least two scenarios lost the ball enemy a chance to threaten the goal by David de Gea defending. One of them is the shadow phase led to Armstrong's opener in just 12 minutes.

After the show faded, not surprising that Pogba was coach Solskjaer substituted and must make way for Fred 63 minutes, meanwhile, labor protection goals from Rashford, Martial also poured into the river, into the sea then kick the ball, the last corner.

In this shadow phase, we can see quite disorder MU defense and let Obafemi beat De Gea with a reach of the keeper.

The angles shown that central defender Harry Maguire Costly followed the wrong person when he comes to embrace the Wan-Bissaka teammate. Also the former Leicester player does not jump out the ball to create scoring opportunities for Obafemi 2-2.

After reviewing the situation, many fans did not spare sarcasm MU midfielder. Meanwhile, the Maguire has admitted his mistakes because of a lack of focus in the decisive moments.

MU 90 minutes bitterness Air + 6, missed the top 3: Paul Pogba or who the sinner?
Maguire attached wrong (Image Source: Internet)

Maguire accompanied wrong

"We controlled the game and created a lot of chances to finish the game. However, the team did not achieve the best state and there are some things we need to improve. At the beginning of the season, Manchester United have a statistically worse but much better now. When we had four people in front of goal, the opponent can not score. Thus, the team must review the goals. "

However, legend Paul Scholes has recently criticized Victor Lindelof. According to the British former players, Lindelof tangle was the biggest mistake in situations Southampton 2-2 in the last minute of injury time. He was not strong and agile enough to follow Michael Obafemi together and defeated easily.

Anyway, the outcome of the game was arranged. The stars MU had the negligence on the field and they will have to concentrate a maximum of 3 battle "final" coming to ensure the goal into the top 4 ranking final Premier League this season .