Hoa City in Old Trafford, in the current context can be considered a certain success of MU. However, if we look wide in the whole journey 2020/21, this is a frustration of "Red Devils". Because after 4 matches fought the giants in the Big 6 group, MU did not win any match.

MU (red shirt) does not win Man City in Derby Manchester

MU started the "Long Painting Fighting" with the giants with the reception of Tottenham on the house in the fourth round. Unexpectedly, it was the loss of the troops of the army under Coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. "Red Devils" ended the match with 10 people and lost to 1-6.

After that, they turn against Chelsea, Arsenal and Man City. Looks like Tottenham's slap slapped from Tottenham made "red demons", so they played with insecurity. These three matches, MU goods are all stunned, they lose to Arsenal 0-1 and mix the two teams left 0-0.

This 2020/21 season, coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has lost magic in great matches, while the last season he was dubbed the "war witch". The defragment of the defensive defense of the Norwegian military holders was easily easily easily easily easily easily resolved by competitors.

Meanwhile, according to statistics from Opta in the 2019/20 season, MU won 18 points out of a total of 10 matches in 10 matches against Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City and Tottenham in the framework of the Premier League. "Reds" won Chelsea and Man City in both matches, earning 4 points in 2 times confronting Tottenham.

Defeat Chelsea, Man City in the whole leg and the last season is what "Reds" have never done even when led by Sir Alex Ferguson. Having to step back to the 1960s / 61 season, new fans witnessed "Red Devils" knocked off both Man City and Chelsea in the same landscape.

MU 4 matches without winning Big 6:
Coach Solskjaer does not maintain good components before the BIG 6 group (Photo source: Internet)

Coach Solskjaer does not maintain a good confrontation in front of BIG 6 groups

In fact, only Arsenal and Liverpool are teams in the group of 6 giants who are not defeated in the 2019/20 season. The army of Coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer broke the yard and lost to the passenger. In it, both draws in Old Trafford are unfortunately, when MU and not Liverpool or Arsenal are teams playing on the muscle.

MU only had 1 match with the group of giants of British football. It was British derby with Liverpool on Anfield on January 16, 2021, in the 19th round and was also the last round of the English Premier League 2020/21.

This is of course a difficult match with "Red Devils" and not many people believe they can win the home team. If that happens, Coach Solskjaer will become one of the coaches of MU has the most worst historical Big 6 group.