MU after the first two rounds in the Premier League has conceded 5 goals to win Brighton though still a lucky. Defense almost no one played well, Victor Lindelof been criticized in the defeat to Crystal Palace but before Brighton turn Aaron Wan-Bissaka "on cutting board" with the disaster in stitching together people and reserve Eric Bailly also played fail request.

MU 2 round perforation 5 goals, Solskjaer revealed plans midfielder
Solskjaer before the pressure after conceding 5 goals MU in the first two matches in the Premier League (Image Source: Internet)

Solskjaer before the pressure after conceding 5 goals MU in the first two matches in the Premier League

With 2 match results so then the coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær now being put into perspective, many people have started questioning that he and affordable coaching staff did not teach his defenders defense. Moreover with a transfer period to prepare the force, outside Donny Van de Beek MU has not added anyone and defense continues to be the old man, old weaknesses.

But Solskjaer has spoken recently confirmed United's defense is currently sufficient in terms of quality and he had no intention of adding a public defender until the market closes.

"We have a lot of defenders here and I put more both Eric Bailly came in the game against Brighton to deal with Trossard and Maupay. For me now the midfielder like that is enough. How about letting the enemy have the Assembly and scoring, there are 2 different things that I can look into: the shape of the team and individual mistakes, "Solskjaer said.

MU defenders struggled in attack Brighton

"We're not in a state best form, arrangement squad not match, the players are not sharp enough to block the cross or chase opponents in the runs on site. We're going after opponents but I think it is due to errors in the structure, not individuals ".

Solskjaer also stressed that he had no doubts about the psychology of the players play. "Brighton create more opportunities but I have nothing objectionable about the spirit of competition of the players. Power and agility they of course take time but will eventually reach the state maximum, we 3-4 weeks to catch up with competitors and the more competition the players will become better stone, "he commented.