Group H Champions League 2020/21 become more complex than ever. After the third game plays, this league table become "hot spots" by 4 team were intact opportunity to go forward. Only Group B where giants Real Madrid suddenly decline, with the face of similar complexity Group H.

MU 1 Table H
Bruno Fernandes and teammate loses Basaksehir shock (Image Source: Internet)

Bruno Fernandes and teammate loses shocking Basaksehir

Despite losing 1-2 away Basaksehir Istanbul, MU is still top of Group H team with six standing points after three matches. However, the distance between their points with second-placed RB Leipzig gone. Because the team has shocked Germany by winning 2-1 with PSG to 6 points as MU. PSG and Basaksehir behind with 3 points.

Thus, the score gap between the top and bottom of the table team only 3 points, while the remain 3 weekly auction. Everything can change in the rematch between the teams plays in Group H.

MU also had to be guests in Leipzig last weekly auction, face PSG in the 5th round had Solskjaer's team lost to PSG 0-2 at Old Trafford in 2018, so it's no guarantee that "Reds "will have 3 points, 1 point even before PSG.

We can say, fail on Turkish soil seriously affected the progress of the "Reds" in the Champions League this year. Obviously the fans of this team have reason to be angry for coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær. They've strain herself in a way unacceptable.

At the weekly auction Wednesday, the score gap between the teams in Group H can fully be leveled if United continue losing Basaksehir, while PSG return before Leipzig past debt. Meanwhile, Group H will happen next case together 4 teams with 6 points.

This means, the tickets go forward in the Champions League 2020/21 Group H will only be decided in the final round. Where he plays football, Manchester United will have to travel to Leipzig airport, at 3pm today's match day 9/12 (Hanoi time). This will be a journey full of uncertainties with the "Reds".

MU totally risk eliminated from the Champions League group stage since 2020/21

Current situation is reminiscent of the Champions League 2015/16, the season that MU was also eliminated in the first round. In the last match, the team was then coached by Louis van Gaal faced home team Wolfsburg, even the representative of Germany to win on away field. However, the final "Red Devils" of Wolfsburg lost 2-3 on the field and knocked bitter.

Looking at the outcome of the proceeding, can see that the advantage that the moment MU is not as large as what they think. Before the game, many of the teachers and students receive a minimum Solskjaer must also have one point left Turkey. Yet not, they lost in a game in which every player as the novice.

If you want to avoid catastrophic death from Group H, MU should avoid pushing yourself into the situation dilemma. If PSG win Basaksehir and at Old Trafford, Solskjaer's teachers and students will have 12 points and have a great opportunity to go before the match entered the final series. But all calculations with "Reds" now have become distant, when they keep playing style matches or matches in progress, lack of stability and consistency needed.