Manchester United and Manchester City together in advancing the European Cup 2020/21 season. So, this holiday two teams in the first round. Also in the 2nd round, MU schedule clearly softer than city rivals. "Reds" home to Crystal Palace, while Man City Wolves marched to the field.

MU 0 points, ranked 15th Premiership: Solskjaer crying because of schedule
(Image Source: Internet)
MU 0 points, ranked 15th Premiership: Solskjaer crying because of schedule
Together offers in Round 1, but won the battle Man City for troops, while Manchester United lost (Image Source: Internet)

Together offers in Round 1, but Man City out victorious army, and MU lost

Yet, results in rounds Monday explains why Manchester City as the leading candidate for the championship Premier League 2020/21, while MU is not. Pep Guardiola's men encountered certain difficulties the Wolves, but still walked away with a 3-1 victory. In contrast, the great MU will have a good starting screen, after being Crystal Palace "dam tattered" 3-1 at Old Trafford.

Do not kick against Burnley in round 1 then lost to Crystal Palace in round 2, until this moment MU no any scores. And the place of the "Reds" was No. 15 - a position that must be pulled to Manucian almost new found rankings.

Team coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær is 1 in 7 do not have any team scores as of this moment. Of course, the difference is that the new MU stone 1 matches, while Burnley, West Ham, Sheffield United, Fulham, Southampton and West Brom have all lost 2 matches.

In contrast, Manchester City just 1 game to climb to No. 7, with the same score and offsets as team played two matches as Tottenham. Ahead "The Citizens" is only 5 teams have won all the first two matches, including Leicester, Everton, Arsenal, Liverpool, Crystal Palace. If you play the game in Round 1 with Aston Villa and win, perhaps at this time Pep Guardiola's side are on top of the Premier League standings.

Thus, MU spent 3 consecutive defeats. This streak started from the previous 1-2 defeat to Sevilla in the Europa League on 17/8 sale. Then, even the friendly against Aston Villa, Manchester United also lost. Peak disappointed when teachers coach Solskjaer was defeated Crystal Palace at home.

Anyway the game in the League Cup third round with a weak opponent like Luton Town at 2.15pm tomorrow morning, 23/9 is also an opportunity to rediscover the feeling MU victory, after 1 months only known failure. Luton Town's only team playing in Division One, so it will not have any excuse is accepted if United continue losing.

Team coach Solskjaer risk of slipping in October

Remember, front MU schedule is extremely difficult in October and early May 11. Accordingly, teachers and coaches Ole Solskjaer encounter turn Tottenham, Newcastle, Chelsea and Arsenal in October, and next 2 teams have won the last match - Everton on July 7/11.

With tensions schedule in the next stage also personnel situation is not much change in the transfer, e that MU will also more serious crisis. And no one knows the coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær has kept the chair to go through that stormy period or not.