Recently, Jose Mourinho has made individual assessments of colleagues, former Ole Gunnar Solskjær. Tottenham Jose Mourinho will be a reception in the game MU welcomes the return of the Premiership and this is considered the focal point match in round restart English football season.

Mourinho-wars before meeting Manchester United, Solskjaer
Mourinho still quite bitter when layoffs are MU (Image Source: Internet)

Mourinho still quite bitter when MU layoffs

Respondents in The Athletic coach José Mourinho has commented on his former club Manchester United, while also not forget the irony successor Ole Gunnar Solskjær. According to "The Special One", MU is so much damage compared to his dynastic power, both in terms of image and sales. Besides, the coach Solskjaer is thought quite "young" and, according to Mourinho, the former Norway might have to do the maximum at MU.

Ole Gunnar Solskjær came to power at MU after Jose Mourinho was sacked. Jose Mourinho says he is still one of the most successful strategist at MU despite being fired too early. Conversely, the appointment Solskjaer on the hot seat was confirmed Mourinho despised and his successor will be difficult to go further than some current achievements.

This is clearly a move to see Mourinho is "play way" when the war of the previous initiative. Of course, coach Solskjaer will receive harsh comments and fan "Reds" are waiting owl counterattack from young people coach Norway.

Mourinho-wars before meeting Manchester United, Solskjaer
"The special" talent decry Solskjaer (Image Source: Internet)

"The special" talent Solskjaer decry

Still, with quite clever and Solskjaer admitted sanity, ability to cross a war would almost very unlikely. Very likely, the reaction cannon Solskjaer will lie in the fight of which he prepared for the trip to Manchester United in the next.

Former Manchester United striker wanted his team to win all 3 points to continue racing the top four with Chelsea, and, indirectly sending response trenchant to Mourinho, the "Special One" not very highly captain Man United. Therefore, wars between Tottenham and Man United at 20/6 to promise very attractive and worth the fans waiting.