Tottenham screen turned out to be military 2020/21 season the worst in the career of Jose Mourinho. First "special" was defeated in the match started the new season, again at home. That has touched esteem military rulers Portugal.

Mourinho took the MU welcomed Bale & Reguilon: gamble all hands to avoid being fired
Mourinho is no big problem with Tottenham (Image Source: Internet)

Mourinho is no big problem with Tottenham

Moreover, early season schedule of Tottenham is extremely heavy. North London team can play up to 9 ball must within 22 days, moving across Europe in the treacherous trip. When talking about this horrible schedules, Jose Mourinho himself admitted that continuously reap good results is impossible, and "there is no longer a man."

Thus, the risk of rising layoffs with Jose Mourinho. According to Oddschecker, "The Special One" came in at No. 4 in the list of 20 coaches have been fired rate the highest in the Premier League 2020/21. Ratio for his ability to lay off is at 8/1 (set 1 eat 33).

The head of this list is the West Ham manager David Moyes at a rate of up to 2/1. Followed by Scott Parker (Fulham - 4/1) and Roy Hodgson (Crystal Palace - 7/1). "The Special One" is the only coach in the Big Six in the top 5 rate highest sacked today. Behind him in the Big Six is ​​his former student Frank Lampard with a 16/1 ratio, ranking 8th.

According to British media, the internal polarization Tottenham when Mourinho said at a news conference after the Battle Force Premiership that the game in attack was "lazy". Some believe this is the minister's attack military rulers encouraged the Portuguese, but others feel hurt.

In the current context, the experts expressed concern over the way ahead of Jose Mourinho. Mark Bosnich, the former Manchester United goalkeeper played for in the 1990s, said that Mourinho may be the flip seat Tottenham players after they publicly decry.

The Daily Mail quoted the former goalkeeper MU: "When you hear the speech of Mourinho, I think it may create greater risk. Unless he knows for sure that I would not have a problem saying so. But I fear that it is unrealistic. Mourinho may want an attitude of competition from the players. But if he offends a pillar, it could take four or five other players. it's the road leading to his downfall. "

With Reguilon Bale and Tottenham Mourinho might play other than

Unfortunately for Mourinho, Daniel Levy Chairman trying strategist threw Portugal a lifeline. It was 2 contract tentatively named Gareth Bale and Sergio Reguilon. Both are MU pursue close, but Tottenham are now gain the upper hand before the old team of "special".

Of course, there are more big signings to increasing pressure on Mourinho. Accordingly, if the results of Tottenham is still not possible, the risk of being fired him higher. Anyhow Tottenham captain also need better materials to build their own team.