At 0h55 30/10, Tottenham Mourinho will travel to Antwerp in the framework before the Europa League group stage 2020/21. In a speech before this match, coach Ivan Leko of Antwerp could not hide the excitement when confronted coach, whom I adore.

Mourinho the best coach in the top three centuries, welcomed news of the Son Heung-Min
Guardiola and Mourinho par with Ancelotti (Image Source: Internet)

Guardiola and Mourinho par with Ancelotti

"I think everyone in the club and to me are honored to be confronted with one of the three best coaches of the 21st century, alongside Guardiola and Carlo Ancelotti. They are people who have changed football, "Leko said.

"My first feeling is pride, a little of the dream has become a reality. I am extremely happy to play against Tottenham and Mourinho. He has great respect from me. When he won the Champions League, I was the monitor, wait until 20h45 (local time) to see that game. The hardest thing in football is to win, while Mourinho is going to conquer ".

Ritchie De Laet, defender ever crowned champions Leicester Premier League last season, 2015/16, currently plays for Antwerp. He expressed surprise determination before old rival: "It's an important game of our match at the European Cup for the first home for a long time. We respect them, but does not mean that we will humble. We will play with determination to win. If you do not do that, it must also make sure that we do not lose. "

In a separate incident, Mourinho also received great news from his Son Heung-Min pupil. Son story is recently hired CAA representative to be responsible for themselves in the commercial contract. This is also the company is working for Mourinho. Besides, teammates Dele Alli Son is also one of the CAA client.

This move reinforces the Son of Tottenham will hope to retain Korean star for a long time to come. Mourinho revealed last week that he believed Son will renew his contract with the Spurs, which will be significantly improved salary £ 150,000 / week which players are getting.

Son is Tottenham player in top form from the beginning of the season. He is leading scorer in the Premier League (8 goals in 6 games). On the front of the season, had 10 goals and Son 4 is generated in 9 matches. The combination Son and Harry Kane has also been raised to a new level in this season.