This Friday (November 20) is a year of Mourinho's Day to take over Tottenham's head coach. President Daniel Levy decided to put faith in the Portuguese teacher with a contract with a 4-year period after Pochettino disappointed. Currently, Tottenham's respectable president is probably still very pleased with this decision.

Mourinho suddenly has a new nickname, why is no
Mourinho led Tottenham for 1 year (source: Internet)

Mourinho led Tottenham for 1 year

Since the "special person" came to power, Tottenham was gradually creating a voice with the shine of Son Heung Min and Harry Kane. Currently, the "rooster" is ranked second on the rankings and if we win against Man City in the 9th round, Tottenham has a chance to top the top spot.

Before the match, Jose Mourinho participated in an exclusive interview with ESPN's partner, Tencent Sports. The Portuguese teacher was surprised when he uses his own nickname from "The Special One" - "special person" into "The Experience One" - "who has experienced".

When the Portuguese strategist to Chelsea after winning the Champions League championship in 2004, he called himself a "special person" and that nickname followed him over the years. However, Mourinho recognizes itself "stronger" than ever because he has experienced leading teams like Real, MU, Chelsea, Inter.

Harry Kane and Son Heung Min are playing very well

"I think my nickname must be" person who has experienced "because I have a lot of experience. Basically, everything happens in football with me like a repetitive dream. This profession requires you to have a special force. Health at age 40 is unlike 20, 30 years old unless you are Zlatan Ibrahimovic. You need to use your brain to accumulate experiences and knowledge to train better ".

When asked about the couple's attention of Son Heung Min and Harry Kane, Jose Mourinho did not hesitate to explain. "I think this attention comes from their relationship. Son and Kane are close friends and enjoy playing together. They share the same goal of winning and there is no jealousy here.

Sonny (Son Heung Min's intimate name) is a very fast player and likes to bandages into gaps. Harry possessed great skills and he was extremely dangerous to pull back. " For Gareth Bale, the Portuguese teacher said Bale was no longer under pressure to be compared to Ronaldo and would step by step back to the peak when hardworking work.