Until this time, Bruno Fernandes is proving he's worth every penny of the deal team at Old Trafford. Not only is the soul of the play of MU, "amulet" new Portuguese are bringing large energy source to help troops Solskjaer become the team played creative and attractive Premier League this time.

Mourinho said Bruno Fernandes shock, MU fans react like?
Bruno arrived, MU head (Image Source: Internet)

Bruno arrived, MU head

Up to the present time, Fernandes has contributed 8 goals marks on the shoes of Manchester United in the Premier League, including 5 goals and 3 phase tectonics. But indeed, as long as this is not enough to quantify what Fernandes gave MU.

According to statistics, "Reds" are leading the Premiership in 2019/20 in a new ranking with the impact of the Portuguese players. Specifically United won 5, drawn 3 through 8 ball, with Fernandes in the team and won 18 points. Even champions Liverpool also can not compete with Manchester United when only 16 points. Wolves ranked second in this period, while Arsenal was third.

Witness the superior performance of Bruno Fernandes, Jose Mourinho still hard to say when asked about Spurs miss fellow players in last summer. "If you want to know the truth, then Lo Celso player to Tottenham, not Fernandes, and then, I will say that I do not change Lo Celso obtain any other player. I unchanged at him any player, not just Fernandes ".

Jose Mourinho's seems delude themselves by Bruno Fernandes who also found excellent than Giovani Lo Celso many times, even if the price does not exceed 2 player disparity. After Pochettino sacked, Mourinho decided to take Lo Celso in January for 27 million pounds, bringing the total cost for the midfielder to nearly 40 million pounds (12 million pounds loan fee). Meanwhile, Manchester United bought for 58 million pounds Fernandes.

Mourinho said Bruno Fernandes shock, MU fans react like?
Mourinho comparison with Lo Celso Bruno (Image Source: Internet)

Mourinho comparison with Lo Celso Bruno

Also because the comparison too lame Mourinho, Manchester United fans were called "special" is insane, eccentric and feel happy when this is not a military situation at Old Trafford again.

After taking over Tottenham, Mourinho was trying to revive the team. But after back translation Covid-19, North London team are plunged again when falling to No. 9 on the chart, after losing the closest to Sheffield and ended the dream as the Top 4.

Mourinho said Bruno Fernandes shock, MU fans react like?
The fans amused before speaking of "special" (Image Source: Internet)

The fans amused before speaking of "special"

Conversely, United's Solskjaer is the finish tape with a chain of 15 games unbeaten in all competitions. Additionally, MU only right 2 points behind Chelsea in the race for the Top 4 to 6 rounds of the season will end.