Focus ahead of England to prepare for the match at the Nations League, Tottenham boss Jose Mourinho once called for Gareth Southgate colleague Harry Kane did not use to avoid injury due to excessive competition.

Mourinho furious about Harry Kane in England like?
Kane had plowed continuously in recent years (Image Source: Internet)

Kane had plowed continuously for the last time

According to Sports Mail, Kane strain when the focus and England. The striker is registered on the reserve list in the game against Belgium on 11/10 DT, but Southgate shock while using Kane in 25 minutes remaining. In addition, the British strategists consider his pupil to play in the game against Denmark.

This made Mourinho can not sit still. Sources from the Guardian said Mourinho had personally contacted directly to England to talk to coach Southgate on this issue. Earlier, Sports Mail said the club's medical team into the London representative sent the request to the manager Southgate, want them to pay back the club but Kane denied.

Stated reasons for using Kane in the game against Belgium, coach Southgate said that the striker is not necessarily injured which is being muscle: "On the health issue, the exchange (between the national team and club) occurs quite often trans. Kane reported health situation earlier on Sunday (4/10). We give him and some other players stay 2 days.

To Wednesday (7/10), he practiced again. The imaging results showed that this player only muscle fatigue, not injury. He was more confident on the condition, the field after the game against Belgium. Hopefully, Kane can arise in the upcoming match against Denmark ".

Mourinho's side and Tottenham for that reason the FA put Kane imaging because they are worried that this player is to stick to a certain injury, and know that Kane will always be ready to play if required. Tottenham worried about Kane because the game players had to play from the beginning of the season. Before the game against Belgium, Kane played 10 games in 29 days, 8 games in which his main stone.

Mourinho worried Kane is evident. Kane is important detonator of Tottenham in 2020/21 season. This striker scored 8 goals in 8 matches in all competitions. Moreover, the star, 27, owns six sugar tectonics. He does not want this goalscorer back to the club with the legs not heal.