Jose Mourinho and Cristiano Ronaldo are the outstanding Portuguese. One was one of the top coaches in the world eminent military rulers, a superstar who is the world's most outstanding contemporary football. In theory, they would be the perfect combination.

The relationship between Mourinho and Ronaldo deteriorated to severity (Image Source: Internet)

The relationship between Mourinho and Ronaldo deteriorated to severity

The couple have three years working together in the Real Madrid shirt color, from 2010 to 2013. During this time, Ronaldo played pretty good record 164 goals in 168 matches in all competitions. Even so, between CR7 and fellow teacher has many contradictions.

Recently, in his autobiography titled launched "My Game" Golden Ball 2018 by Luka Modric has revealed related story between two people. Accordingly, CR7 had a "special" membrane slap in the dressing room after the match in the Copa del Rey.

So, a virile player, with great personalities like Ronaldo almost cry. And after exceeding tolerance levels, CR7 towards Mourinho and the like want to take for a battle fellow teacher. The job is not too far away only when the Real players could dissuade Portuguese two back.

Luka Modric recounted in his autobiography: "I was very surprised by the reaction of Mourinho. We won 2-0 in a match in the Copa del Rey. In that game, Ronaldo has refused to pressing when opponents throw and makes Mourinho angry ".

According to the Golden Ball in 2018, the two sides did exchange words at a time on the field: "After returning to the locker room, I saw Ronaldo extremely disappointed and almost in tears. He said:" I do not understand why he has played hard but he's still criticized. "

Peak stress occurs when two people face to face: "At that moment, Mourinho came in and the two continue erupted quarrel. The atmosphere at the time was extremely tense. Insofar as if we labor not to dissuade them, they will plunge into battle lost ".

Whether fellow Portugal, but Ronaldo and Mourinho seems many times difficult to find a common voice by too powerful personalities of the two. Later they met again, they can not have a cold as the teachers and students do so.

Specifically, Mourinho always ask the attacking player must retreat to the defensive. Of course Ronaldo unhappy, because he always wanted to maintain the best physical, avoid having to move the most that can explode at any time.

Ronaldo is not only that many other offensive players have worked with Mourinho also fall into this situation. Eden Hazard is one such case. After Mourinho parted Chelsea, Belgian star - who is now on the payroll of Real, confirmed, "The Special One" is the nightmare that he does not want to reunite.