Tottenham 0-1 Everton Sensing defeat in the Premier League 2020/21 Day military. Although is expected to show a game to see in the first season Jose Mourinho has a fully prepared for the players, but the Spurs missed the opportunity to appear and attack the deadlock at the world being led table.

Mourinho criticized Tottenham lazy pupil, netizens were countered harshly
Mourinho unhappy with the players after the defeat to Everton Tottenham (Image Source: Internet)

Mourinho unhappy with the players after the defeat to Everton Tottenham

During the whole match Tottenham's players proved much more vulnerable than in the move and execute the play, while Everton had many scoring chances thanks to the effectiveness of the striker Richarlison and rookie star James Rodriguez. Jose Mourinho after the match bluntly decry that his players can not enter the psychology good.

"What happened after the goals are the consequences of my players weak physically. We had chances but did not score, and after conceding my players back to Everton were comfortable deployed from home. it's no different for them to add ammunition to attack more goals scored, "Mourinho said.

"We are very lazy in pressing, a consequence of the practice lazy, friendly matches to prepare before the season less. Some players have no psychological state well, and some also no condition to train before season for objective reasons. We have only about 2 days to prepare for this match, not much really. "

A series sneering comment & criticize Mourinho on Twitter. From top to bottom: 1) "I do not like his team," Mourinho said; 2) Mourinho: "I can not coach referee"; 3) "Even if Tottenham had won I would always be grateful to Arsenal we Arteta instead of Mourinho, watching Tottenham very sore eyes"; 4) The dealer should start scaling the first coach fired in the Premier League, I put Mourinho "

But Mourinho's remarks quickly responded by netizens to ridicule by the "Special One" seem willing to blame the pupil rather than admit their own mistakes. They pointed out that before the game Mourinho was self sow pessimism when it comes to schedules 9 games in 22 days of the Spurs, and in this match Tottenham had tactic very poorly when attacked while being lead to the result early attacks not to be one.

Also the Tottenham fans still annoyed saying that if that is the reason Mourinho, Everton did not seem to have any problems with players who do not have much time to prepare. "James, Allan and how many sessions Doucoure set before the golf eh Jose?", A reader of the Daily Mail writes. Someone else then rookie Gabriel pointed out that Arsenal had 6 months without football and Arsenal have not been set for 1 week but still shines over Fulham on the opening day.