Recently, Jose Mourinho has voiced response to speech coach Solskjaer after Captain MU words related to intelligence. Specifically, the United boss Jose Mourinho mentioned when asked about how it feels when MU escape situations of mass lost by the ball hit the goal.

Mourinho countered Solskjaer: Stone swung United won thanks suspected penalty
Mourinho responded extremely harsh Solskjaer (Image Source: Internet)

Mourinho responded extremely harsh Solskjaer

Norway strategist who answered BT Sport is full of humor, saying, "You must be happy when Jose (Mourinho) not here to measure the goal". This is gentle satire of Solskjaer for predecessor Mourinho as coach of Tottenham earlier requested Europa League organizers have changed the goal of larger size on the opponent's stadium.

Last week, Tottenham won 3-1 at the names of the team Shkendija in play-off Europa League. It is worth mentioning in this match as coach Jose Mourinho has revealed he must require BTC Europa League changed the goal on the field Skopje to kind of have bigger size and UEFA were quick to respond after realizing the goal smaller size standard size to 5 cm in height.

United boss was the main spark war of words

Mourinho story reached the ears Solskjaer and with the statement meant this gentle satire, coach of MU has inevitably been the "Special One" countered. After winning the draw against Newcastle in the world, Jose Mourinho refused to comment on the penalty that must receive final match Tottenham.

However, the Portuguese teacher mentioned to former club Manchester United when the implicit assertion "Reds" won thanks Brighton somewhat fortunate penalty.

When asked whether he measured the goal before the game or not, Mourinho replied Sky Sports: "No, because I know that the lead was okay. I think Ole (Solskjaer) very happy with what happened with the team his should have said a joke to me. But I know for him, the size of the columns of the target does not matter. the important thing is the size of penalties 11m, where MU regularly placed ball up there. "

Comment by Jose Mourinho is not without basis because since the beginning of last season, the matches of Manchester United in the Premier League has appeared a total of 20 penalty, the largest number of the 20 teams are playing the highest ranking tournament in the land of fog.