Mourinho situation suddenly put in tunnel

Jose Mourinho "border war" with old games

While between Tottenham and Chelsea battle took place, the team's coach Jose Mourinho's two Frank Lampard did not hesitate to "sparring" outside the pitch. Portuguese teacher denies conflict with his former student in the press conference after the game but did not forget irony Lampard.

Mourinho and Frank Lampard on the edge of war of the match (Image Source: Internet)

Mourinho and Frank Lampard on the edge of the border war game

"With Frank, the most important thing is my love and he has not changed after those words. The only thing I want to tell him that this time with a coach as a young coach with the old saying talent is when the team is losing at least players to coach. As the winning team, the coach does not need to make the main character in the boundary.

I feel sad because just sit still when Lampard leads Chelsea 0-3 last weekend. I do not mean to teach him, that's just my personal opinion. You go on the pitch when the team were ahead and sit still when your team wins. "

British teacher also "format not just" when "countered" shortly thereafter. "Me and Jose had a few words on the field protested. I highly respect him. I'm just telling the truth is he's complaining to the referee even more than what he told the players of Tottenham ".

Mourinho unexpectedly dropped into the tunnel between battles

An odd situation occurred in the 2nd half between Tottenham and Chelsea played within the framework of the League Cup. In about 77 minutes, while Tottenham are leading 0-1 and has faced a dangerous chance from Chelsea, the camera saw Jose Mourinho's sudden leave the technical area and put in the tunnel, go toward the team's locker room.

Mourinho went into the tunnel under Eric Dier, for the Tottenham player to play without anyone steering

The audience was very upset with the situation and many people think that Mourinho angry enough with the performance of the defense did not play so sad to steer. But people soon discovered that Eric Dier has no field and into the locker room ahead of Mourinho.

Eventually after about 5 minutes Dier has reappeared on the pitch, and Mourinho was also present at the bench. This has caused speculation on social networks about the essence of things: Does Dier has temporary health problems should have followed Mourinho to test?

And the other one is probably surmise Dier ran into the locker room to ... go to the toilet, so when he returned to the field ran a fairly expeditiously, not as a person is sick or encounter something toxic food. Former striker Gary Lineker, the "famous" when used to "leak out trousers," right away, quipped on Twitter that do not understand why now players do not "act is in place".

Netizens are also the occasion to laugh about chasing Mourinho's actions, some commentators even Mourinho to follow is to support ... for Dier toilet paper. Some others say that Mourinho wanted to follow in person to urge Dier finished as quickly as possible because it was already late and insufficient match and Tottenham who has been lead.

Mourinho himself has talked about this after Tottenham's victory in the shootout. "He must go, it is normal when dehydrated. I know Dier need to go, but I run to put pressure back yard makes him faster in the remaining minutes," he said.