Transfer utopian world of football

Summer 2020 will be a great summer with football not the world. Not only Covid-19 service led to Euro delayed, the Champions League knock-out formula stone directly without coming a utopian transfer can take place: Lionel Messi leaving Barcelona.

Million fans dream pairing Messi Ronaldo, Juventus have made
Barcelona Messi is looking to leave the road and a series of big clubs began to pursue him (Image Source: Internet)

Barcelona Messi is looking to leave the road and a series of big clubs began to pursue him

Star Argentina is seeking to break up the club as a free agent, not only because of the frustration with the failure of the club for several seasons in the Champions League, but also because he and some teammates confidant has been being leaders, headed by Josep Bartomeu president, treat ungrateful.

So what happens next for Lionel Messi? A very reliable source of Barca said he had contact with Pep Guardiola at Man City to consider the possibility of move to the Premier League runners-up. Besides Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester United also have access to those close to Messi, the three clubs have the financial capacity to carry out a "blockbuster".

But for football fans, the ability of Messi in the Premiership kick or play with Neymar & Kylian Mbappe unattractive prospect of a reunion his rival Cristiano Ronaldo celebrated in Juventus. People have been dreaming about a chance Ronaldo and Messi played together but only dare to hope that when they support the old in a small club or rock friendlies certain charities.

Million fans dream pairing Messi Ronaldo, Juventus have made
Ronaldo - Messi capped a scenario Juventus 'dream' with fans (Image Source: Internet)

Ronaldo - Messi capped a scenario Juventus 'dream' with fans

Messi will be alongside Ronaldo at Juventus?

The Messi could leave Barca means the opportunity for that vision to become a reality is possible. But Messi want to Juventus, and more importantly, Juventus really afford to recruit Argentinian superstar?

Juventus will not be easy to meet Messi's salary if he remained 30 million euro income / season as Barcelona by the main Turin Ronaldo this salary. Ronaldo's salary 3 times higher than the second highest paid man in the club is MATHIJS De Ligt (8 million euros / year).

Total payroll of the "Old Lady" has exceeded 250 million euros. If he does not pick up Messi for a pay cut or reduced only 5 million euros refill, Juventus will have to worry about re-planning team to eliminate the high-wage components that are no longer useful.

Gonzalo Higuaín has been cut by Sami Khedira & contract but still Aaron Ramsey, Adrien Rabiot and Danilo, awarded 6 million euro per person / year, but of these only have a future Rabiot sure. Also disposed of are Douglas Costa will also help reduce additional 6 million euros Juventus again.

Juventus must purge the squad to cut salaries in the context of still more debt

But trimmed wages are only part, by Juventus just have to spend money to compensate contract coach Maurizio Sarri layoffs and lost about 18 million euros to cut Higuain's contract early. Furthermore the club's financial losses were also significant after being eliminated in round 1/8 Champions League, that they agree to implement exchange Pjanic - Arthur with Barcelona to charge interest on the ledger virtual.

Juventus currently have debts of up to 372 million euros, is in the top 5 most debt team of European football, and debt interest rate is 29% per year. So last summer had time rumor Juventus to break up with Ronaldo to ease the financial burden, but recruitment will fully Messi to go against their goals.

If accepted wage "crisis" of Messi and offset by a squad including many players in other positions are paid less, Juventus will have to take risks with an army of patchwork and lacks balance work / craft . Shaver Messi accept lower paid new fans a chance to see Messi - Ronaldo Serie pitch maneuver