Zidane is in danger

Back Real Madrid since January 3/2019, so far Zinedine Zidane has yet to bring satisfaction to the Madridista. At this time, all asking whether the ultimate success in the first stage, Zidane just beggars?

Coach Zidane at risk to leave Real (Image Source: Internet)

Coach Zidane at risk to leave Real

Summer 2019, Real Madrid made the frantic shopping unprecedented in history. Florentino Perez spent president of 303 million euros to bring about Bernabeu 5 rookie. However, in parallel with the building of the team that Real has not been what the fans expect this team: The real power.

Army coach Zinedine Zidane has been eliminated from the Copa, and if not for Covid-19, they may have lost in the Champions League spots. In the eighth round first leg, Real lost 1-2 at home to Manchester City, and is not easy to represent Spain upstream on British soil.

In La Liga, Real is playing tentative and less than 2 points Barca. Remember this is a turbulent season for Barca, with coach Valverde was fired but Real still standing after great rivalry. Barca's worst season as well as last season's big-spending Real - so but "white vultures" are still behind.

Sources have confirmed that the coach's chair is wobbly Zinedine Zidane. According to AS, Real are expected to wait until the 2019/20 season when closing down the curtain to the future of Zidane. If team Royal Spanish last season empty-handed, "Zizou" will have to go.

In that case, who is going to dominate the Milky Way President Florentino Pérez 3.0 which is built for Real Madrid? The first name that "white vultures" Mauricio Pochettino's target. However, it seems that the Argentine military rulers would stay in England, led the emerging giants Newcastle.

Who replaced Zidane?

And if this scenario occurs, still according to sources of the newspaper AS, coach Antonio Conte will be the second choice. Basically, Conte is the most suitable candidate for Real Madrid at the moment. Especially, Conte is very good at building and developing the foundation for a team is in a difficult period.

Coach Conte has a good relationship with the star Hazard (Image Source: Internet)

Coach Conte has a good relationship with the star Hazard

Since leaving Cristiano Ronaldo, Real lacked a leader for the whole team. Coach Conte not play, but he can become a spiritual leader on the pitch, as navigator for the game to look at. So also, with many neutral football fans, Conte is coach brought in his warrior spirit.

Remember day takeover hot seat Conte Juventus in 2011, this team last season finished in 7th place in Serie A next season were immediately won the championship. This is also the origin of the current Juve empire, with eight consecutive championships.

Chelsea coach the team Conte to also become chaotic, finish the season 2015/16 disaster at No. 7. Even his first season, Conte has a soul to Chelsea play football full of personality. 3-4-3 system and characterized Conte helped Chelsea win the Premier League championship 2016/17.

Antonio Conte is currently very successful in his first season with Inter Milan. So the Champions League 3 consecutive years - Real Madrid need a general with the authority and saucy mettle, capable leader and warrior spirit as Conte to dominate the Galaxy 3.0.