Upamecano signaling to Europe

Dayot Upamecano midfielder recently confirmed the club are in talks with many, despite the extension with RB Leipzig just not long ago. In the past 2019/2020 season, 21 players became one of the goals of Europe's leading hunting after a series of performances very noticeable in the Champions League.

Diego Costa (black) Upamecano completely dominated the Champions League quarter-final (Image Source: Internet)

Diego Costa (black) Upamecano completely dominated the Champions League quarterfinals

As for Julian Nagelsmann coach, he is still regarded as an important part Upamecano in season 2020/21 plan, but also do not deny that this team can lose, "Morning Star" is born in 1998. In an interview with ESPN answer, the coach nicknamed "Baby Mourinho," admitted the possibility of leaving the game pet.

Page ESPN German version quoted coach Nagelsmann: "I believe Upamecano would stay here this season. But if you talk about the future, I can not be sure because he was a player so talented. A lot of clubs want buyout Upamecano ".

To have locked completely both Diego Costa and Álvaro Morata Champions League quarter-finals in 2019/20, apparently Dayot Upamecano proved to all that he is the new "beast" on the court authentic. Thanks to the enormous contribution of the youngster, Leipzig was a stand-in for the fourth round of the Champions League the best team last season out loud and suddenly, a memorable milestone RB Leipzig history.

European lust for young rock

Page Whoscored reviews, Dayot midfielder Upamecano is no weakness. Meanwhile, the player's strengths are listed as well pass, tackle precise and above all the highly concentrated with the evolution of the game, it is vitally important for a central defender.

Upamecano are many great team pursuit

Even the super midfield as Virgil van Dijk, Harry Maguire or Kalidou Koulibaly also not be appreciated so much. Van Dijk and weaknesses of Maguire, according Whoscored, is tackling not really accurate. Meanwhile, Koulibaly was rated as lacking discipline. Sergio Ramos, midfielder is considered the world's best for many years, the lack of stability and focus needed.

Therefore, not surprising that Germany's Bild newspaper said the hitters are 7 Dayot Upamecano desired recruit in this 2020 summer fair. Group that includes giants Manchester United, Manchester City, Real Madrid, PSG, Bayern Munich and Dortmund and Juventus, the big wealthy and ambitious. Therefore, this will be a struggle extremely tough, attempt owns bright jewel of French football squad.

MU is probably the best team impatience, excitement with this deal possible. In the match for troops past 2020/21 Premier League, midfielder Victor Lindelof has a performance very bad, is the main cause leading to the 3 goals of MU. Meanwhile, Harry Maguire is no better cover. Therefore, the "Reds" need "new blood" named Upamecano.

However, the ambition of Manchester United is not easy to achieve. AS newspaper said Spain, Real Madrid are the latest team to consider activating terms liberation of Upamecano contract worth 55 million pounds. The last day of the summer transfer window in 2020 so it will be very fierce.