Lionel Messi is showing himself very seriously to want to leave Barcelona. After a day burofax 25/8, Argentine superstar did not attend the medical examination to begin the new season of the Camp Nou in last Sunday.

Messi's father met
A fan of Messi disappointed when his idol not to medical examination the day 30/8 (Image Source: Internet)

A fan of Messi disappointed when his idol not to medical examination the day 30/8

Conflict between the two sides appears to have peaked and Messi will not change his intention. Mundo Deportivo Sheet of Spain, Messi's father - Jorge Messi will be present in the meetings of the executive committee on Wednesday, FC Barcelona is 2/9 to find ways to solve problems in a civilized way possible.

Jorge Messi's goal is to explain to Josep Bartomeu and chairman of the Executive Board reason to leave the club his son. To the extreme disappointment after the 2-8 defeat before Bayern Munich makes Messi no longer motivated to Barca.

Besides, M10 looking for a new berth at age 33 by Koeman plans failed to convince the players. Messi wants C1 Cup champion one more time before retiring and Barcelona did not meet it at the present time.

Messi "great war" with Bartomeu and Koeman

However the Barcelona unforgiving in this regard. President Bartomeu sympathize with the frustration of Messi but still want the Argentine superstar, think again. Team certainly will not let you go as a free transfer.

Even Barcelona are still hopes to extend the contract with Messi. Messi's current contract will expire on June 6/2021 if special provisions are not activated. At least, Bartomeu will try to persuade Messi added a season in the club waiting for the new president to replace.

Barcelona has received support from the organizers claimed La Liga with a special clause in the contract of Messi and Barcelona have lapsed and accreditation fees break existing contracts is 700 million euros. Opportunity to resolve the problem within the next meeting is almost equal to 0 by double sides want to keep your perspective.