Messi's performance in the match against Cadiz

A long analysis published by Explica page recently about Messi makes many fans play this player. "Every 3 minutes, Messi to lose the ball," Explica analyzed. The Marca also pointed out that Messi to lose the ball to 29 times on Ramon de Carranza, more than any match in the season 2020/21.

Messi was unprecedented in Barca: Stone like a joke, 3 minutes of taking the ball once
Messi describes punching punchings in the cadiz player (source: Internet)

Messi describes the punching pulse in the cadiz player

Messi's carpetry made Barca suffer from a stunned loser with a score of 1-2 before "Little" Cadiz, the team also won Real Madrid this season. The Nou Camp team is currently ranked 9th in La Liga BXH after 10 rounds. They have 14 points, only more than the 3-point grades.

According to Marca, Messi kept losing a lot of Barca suffering from poor results. In the match against Alaves, Messi to lose the ball 27 times. After 90 minutes, Barca had to divide points with the homeowner with a 1-1 score. Meet Real, Messi continued to lose the ball 26 times. The result is Barca to lose to the rival 1-3. Or before Atletico Madrid, the number of times to lose the ball of Leo was 23. Barca lost this match 0-1.

"Messi's best version has no longer. This player is lost", "we are seen one of Leo Messi's most bad versions," Expla uses Messi's performance. Since the beginning of the season 2020/21, Messi scored 7 goals and has two assists on every arena. In La Liga, the 33-year-old superstar fired 4 times, too modest compared to Leo's class.

The ability to finish, express over the shots, Messi does not create peace of mind. At the defeat in Cadiz, the Argentine superstar was very difficult to stop when she did up to 10 shots. However, the number 10 of Barca did not score a goal.

Explica Statistics that Messi has launched 66 finishes in La Liga and the Champions League this season. In every battle, Argentine superstars launched 9-10 shots. However, the effect from climbing finishes is not available. 5 of the 7 goals of Messi in the 2020/21 season are recorded from penalties.

Messi's future in Barca still faced many uncertainties, though he announced to stay in the team after he was going to go in this summer. PSG, Man City are the top candidates who can own Messi in the summer.