Barcelona have an internal instability due to the recent poor results. They took advantage in the race for the La Liga champions and coach Quique Setien supposedly being isolated by the players disliked his style led to this. Some key players of Barca even talked about leaving the Nou Camp.

Messi was Nou Camp farewell example, Barca
Lionel Messi has been invited to move to another club (Image Source: Internet)

Lionel Messi has been invited to move to another club

Shocking of all is the Lionel Messi, the club's monument, can be split up shortly after Catalunya Origin team this season. Messi signed a new contract not long ago, but the press said the provision allows him was decided to split the team, left over from the old contract, still exist and Messi can activate it whenever .

Messi is expected to only have the ability to return home to Argentina to play the ball before retiring. And only one club is Messi considerations: early childhood team Newell's Old Boys, the club got him and teach him lessons about football primer before he was Barcelona inclusion. Remarkably when a major recently senior officials spoke of this team said they wanted to invite Messi to top military.

Newell's vice president of D'Amico is Mr Cristian in an interview to TNT Sports has confirmed this. "Nothing is impossible, Messi decided to come here or not will depend on him and his family but we can prepare all conditions to welcome back Leo," he said.

"Diego Maradona came to us over 20 years ago and while not everyone thought this was occurring. We believe in our chances, but this time of course is not the rush of excitement, I knew Leo was still ambitious and Barcelona are the team to create the best conditions for him to satisfy ambitions ".

Including the Newell's not to say the leaders Barca were also sweating because the current situation of the club. Making the star No. 1 in the history of the team would be leaving the final nail on the coffin shut contain hope to maintain the authority of the officials are attached garage leadership of Josep Bartomeu president. Bartomeu possibility of re-election is very low and now has Bartomeu believes will seek to subordinate his nomination to run for president next year.

Messi was Nou Camp farewell example, Barca
Coach Ronald Koeman appeared in Barcelona a quite unexpected way (Image Source: Internet)

Coach Ronald Koeman appeared in Barcelona a quite unexpected way

But purification squad must wait until the transfer window, but instead, the minister was able to do even so Barca are ironing board sacked Quique Setien always after the last result. So who replaced who? Xavi was mentioned by name and he also said he wanted the military situation in the Camp Nou, but Xavi has a dislike for Bartomeu so it will not happen.

Recently the press in Barcelona have discovered coach Ronald Koeman are present in the city during the day 1/7. Koeman as coach of Holland and committed in office until the games are over EURO held the following year, but he suddenly present in Barcelona and soon even buy a house here has sparked rumors he the one who will succeed Setien, or if not now then in the future also.