See some goals from Dembele in Barcelona shirt:

By far, the concept of "black power" in Barcelona was the media fabrications. Messi's specific character actually had a greater impact at Camp Nou home side, not necessarily just Josep Bartomeu President in power.

Messi was buried in 105 million euros SAO easy to Juventus Ta Ronaldo
Messi was "fed up" Dembele (Image Source: Internet)

Messi was "fed up" Dembele

With talent, class and what has contributed to the Blaugrana, Messi is indeed the most important person. Club leaders understand the achievements of Barcelona in the next few years still have to depend on the style of Argentine superstar.

Recently, Lionel Messi is reportedly considering getting privileges in the club's transfer issue. This stems from the leadership team often failed in the shop over the years. Typically sell Neymar, then put on the "spray bombs" as Dembele, Coutinho ...

From DIARIO Gol sources revealed, Barcelona is already fed up with Ousmane Dembele. Not only unprofessional attitude, players who are buying about 105 million euros for frequently injured and refused efforts.

Although Messi stood out in defense of Dembele, but there seems to be no amendments personality, "bad boy" at the Nou Camp will have to go because his unpopular Argentine.

But not only that even Pique and Messi Suarez French star also wanted to leave. Although there is not any conflict personally with the Frenchman, but they said it would be better for Barcelona.

Before this situation, the Blaugrana may no longer want to keep Dembele if Messi does not fit, or the other pillars of the team.

Reports said that Juventus are interested in Barcelona winger and offered to lend a time. However, Barcelona do not want more procrastination with Dembele should only want to get an early cash payment to "local debt".

Messi was buried in 105 million euros SAO easy to Juventus Ta Ronaldo
Ronaldo going to have a new team? (Image Source: Internet)

Ronaldo going to have a new team?

But in the case came with Juventus, the French star will have the opportunity to work with Cristiano Ronaldo, rivals of Lionel Messi. Yet at this point, Barcelona still have to wait for the new signals coming from Juventus, namely the amount will overlap the talks is how much.

In the past, the talent of Dembele played nothing debatable. Not gratuitous but 3 years ago, Barca have to spend up to 105 million euros (not including the terms arising up to 40 million euros) to recruit Dembele from Dortmund hoping to offset gaps Neymar to leave.