Before the 2019/20 season, hardly anyone thought that Messi can leave Barcelona. But that again is about to become a reality. Argentine superstar has sent faxes to be recognized by a third party (burofax) to Barcelona last week about his desire to leave.

Messi to the gym, do not cooperate with the coach Koeman: Closing Date determined fate
Messi continued absence in the latest episode of Barcelona (Image Source: Internet)

Messi continued absence in the latest episode of Barcelona

However, Barcelona has rejected the offer of Messi. Like an act of "retaliation", Messi did not appear during medical examinations and tests Covid-19 before entering the new season of the club took place on Sunday (30/8).

31/8 bright day, a lot of reporters gathered before the training center of Barcelona to wait Messi appeared in the club's training session but the superstar still "catch endlessly". According to Sky Sports, the M10 will not train with Barcelona by feel "is not part of the squad Koeman."

Currently, Barcelona has not had a formal announcement about twice the nearest absence of Messi. Does superstar Argentine newspaper or vacation leave for the club in a "spontaneous"? If M10 absent good reason, Barcelona should be disclosed in order to avoid misunderstandings. In contrast, Barcelona should have sanctioned moves for acts of "disorganization" of the Argentine striker.

Previously, one of Barcelona's players Ousmane Dembele unexpectedly quit practicing without reason. The club has handled this problem very well with the extremely fast update notification. However, this time things did not seem so simple.

Messi asked to meet directly the Executive Board of Barcelona

According to sources from Sky Sports, Messi threads satisfactory in person executive board of the team this week to resolve his future. Mundo Deportivo newspaper also revealed the father of the M10 Jorge Messi - will represent his son Josep Bartomeu met president next Wednesday (2/9) to find alternatives "peace" for centuries breakup this.

Currently, La Liga Barcelona has sided denying special provisions to help Messi free to leave the Nou Camp this summer and recognition contract break fee of 700 million euros sides. That is the price "unimaginable" for any other club.

Best possibilities for Messi's Barcelona in the negotiations agree to let go with a reasonable price. As for the worst case, the Argentine superstar probably need new winter transfer window to find the new park and leave after the season ending 2020/21.