Bayern Munich 2-8 defeat in the Champions League quarter-final is huge aftershock leave for Barcelona. They not only have to prepare for a comprehensive change to remake in the new season, but one of the changes that could include the departure of one of the players most successful in the club's history Lionel Messi.

Messi to leave Barca rocked always: Shaken joined Neymar rumors - Mbappe
Lionel Messi too depressed to Barcelona (Image Source: Internet)

Lionel Messi too depressed to Barcelona

Recently the Barcelona fans really startled when Messi left Barca information revealed by journalist Marcelo Bechler was living in Barcelona. Bechler become very popular with the fans for the first Barca reveal Neymar service to PSG in 2017 when many people still think that's just bullshit message or impossible. Bechler was even called "prophets" when just before the match Barca - Bayern had predicted in a podcast that Bayern will determine the match after 30 minutes (and by many laughed at the predictions).

Bechler said Messi would not wait until 2021 when all contracts that want to leave Barca right now, and has announced its intention to board Barca. Messi is very dissatisfied with the state of achievement of the club goes down and you think you can still compete for the title if the match in a worthy exercise.

Bechler also under contract with Barcelona Messi seems to still include terms liquidation value of 700 million euros, an amount not yet paid by the club, so you can still keep Messi Barca left back his desire. But Messi blow for the purpose of forced Josep Bartomeu president to resign, because otherwise he would to contract expiring next year and leave the Nou Camp without Barca collect any fees.

Besides the professional element, this is a blow with the political color by Messi wants to go down in history as Bartomeu become chairman Messi Barca to leave. 2021 Bartomeu will not run for presidency but the club will make every Messi dropped colleagues Bartomeu discredited and almost all hope ran for president.

Inter, Manchester City's offensive and shock PSG

Messi unhappy witness against Barcelona, ​​no less team began planning immediate action at the present time. Recently, a number of newspapers in the UK have said the possibility of Man City approach the Argentine striker. Etihad Stadium team also recently failed in the Champions League and want to put Messi on to help complete effort for Pep Guardiola C1 Cup goal.

Messi to leave Barca rocked always: Shaken joined Neymar rumors - Mbappe
Messi has new parking facilities? (Image Source: Internet)

Messi has new parking facilities?

But according to Italian newspapers, Inter Milan also seriously consider signing the Argentina striker, an information actually appeared a few months now. Expected with the backing of Suning Group (China), Inter are willing to pay huge salaries to 50 million euros / year for Messi and his turn to become highly paid player in the world.

But perhaps most shocking is that at Catalunya daily Sport reports that Paris Saint-Germain are people in Barcelona to monitor the situation for Messi. Some sports newspaper L'Equipe in France as mentioned possibilities Messi will move to the capital club this water and become part of the three attacks Kylian Mbappe & Neymar.

L'Equipe says PSG chance to win Messi is still fairly small, since currently there is PSG wary of budget planning in order to avoid a team like Manchester City's UEFA ban for European. But if Messi to expiration of the contract and become a free agent, the PSG will not miss the opportunity to help pay the transfer fee.