The future of Barcelona star Lionel Messi has become the hottest topic the summer 2020 transfer window a few days ago, 33-year-old striker to BLD Barcelona faxed request for leave. In the latest move, Messi absent from the first training session under new coach Ronald Koeman.

Messi stunned to purchase unique: Call to donate 900 million euros to buy superstars
Messi leaving Barcelona (Image Source: Internet)

Messi leaving Barcelona

Obviously the new Messi looking for berth is real. Because of this across Europe, a lot of clubs have expressed a desire to own the M10, including Manchester City, Juventus, PSG, Inter Milan and Stuttgart the latest.

A supporter of the team in the Bundesliga weakest unexpectedly created "fever" by raising money to donate to recruit superstar of Barcelona. Stuttgart fans named Tim Artmann was trying to help his club can sign a contract with the Argentine superstar by fundraising with the goal of 900 million euros (805 million pounds).

Available GoFunMe, supporters of Stuttgart gave the message "We, fans of VfB are raising money to recruit Lionel Messi. In cases not reach sufficient numbers needed on time, 100% of the proceeds will transferred to charities Agua Viva child. "

However after 5 days launched a campaign donation, fans of the Stuttgart Assembly has received a mere 489 euros amount. Calculated, this figure is only enough to pay for a few minutes of the Argentine superstar.

Messi stunned to purchase unique: Call to donate 900 million euros to buy superstars
Stuttgart fans Assembly amount earned (Image Source: Internet)

Stuttgart fans Assembly amount earned

Perhaps, this is just fun stories and Artmann just want to take advantage of Messi doubtful leave Barcelona this summer to create the craze to attract the attention of the media to raise funds for charity.

In a related development, present, Messi will not attend pre-season training with Barca. 2/9 next day, his father will have a meeting with the management team to finalize plans for the final.