Barcelona confronts Juventus at the Nou Camp in the match to decide on the top of the G Champions League 2020/21. With a 2-0 advantage in the first leg, the home team just lost no more than one table, even lost 0-2 (because more than the goal of a goal / losing) was the first place but they failed with 0-3 score.

Ronaldo scored twice from penalty spots

Cristiano Ronaldo made a double for Juventus from the penalty spot while the remaining player scored for Juventus was McKennie. This is an extremely strenuous match against Messi by the Argentine super-star teammates competing under their strength. Not only that, the number 10 of Barcelona also faced Juventus's "iron wall".

According to statistics, Messi launched 11 shots in this match but cannot be prepared once. In 11 this shot, 7 times the ball went to the frame, but the "Prime" Buffon had a truly excellent performance when he stopped.

The Italian goalkeeper turned Messi to become the most successful player in a game in the Champions League but did not score the table since the 2003/04 season until now. This can be said to be "sad record" with the Argentinian superstar. After the match ended, Messi exchanged a shirt with Buffon like an admirable action with the man.

Messi shot 11 times 0 goal, setting a sad record: Ronaldo said
Messi finishes 11 times but cannot score the table (source: Internet)

Messi finishes 11 times but cannot score the table

This match is also the first time Ronaldo meets Messi in a formal match since moving to Juventus so far. The match against the Portuguese superstar could not attend due to Covid-19 infection. Making a double on the day "Digen" could not score but Ronaldo sent warm words to his colleagues.

"We have attended the awards for 12-13 years and I have never seen him the rival. All are built by the media. We always racing Flat paintings and keeping the relationship quite well. You can ask Leo, he will say so. "

In addition, the Portuguese superstar also denies eating in the first penalty sword. "This can say that the task is almost impossible but we have done. The bottom line was that Juventus had a good start with 2 goals after only the first 20 minutes. Barcelona is a big team and a victory at Nou Camp is a small source of encouragement. We need these kinds of victories.

I can't say anything because I haven't reviewed the slow shooting situation. The referee sometimes blows very sensitive penalties but I don't want to discuss it because the arbitration is really difficult. "