Lionel Messi's precious goal helped Barcelona won 3 points on home to Levante. Although he only had to confront the team under his body, Barca had to be extremely strawth to get the result when the game was only about 15 minutes.

Messi has a dwarf-level mixture in Levante

The shine of the familiar name Lionel Messi helped coach Ronald Koeman's chair was guaranteed after a disappointing series in both La Liga and the Champions League. Messi's goal also showed that he was an enlightenment of Levante's opponent with 37 times contributing to the shoe makes this team in La Liga (22 goals and 15 assertions), more than any other team .

The star has 6 times that won the golden balls also reached a milestone of 449 goals in La Liga and only needed another goal to become the first player to score 450 goals for a team in the top 5 European awards. Messi's class performance also helps Mr. Koeman feel more confident with the upcoming journey of the season.

Messi shines to save him: Coach Barca celebrates his face still acknowledged
3 points to help coach Ronald Koeman Breathing (source: Internet)

3 points to help coach Ronald Koeman breathed sigh

"It is true that today we have experienced a complex match. Barca has created many opportunities and players always strive in the first half and during the second half of the game" - Coach Koeman spoke on Laliga TV After Barca climbed to 8th place in La Liga.

"We played better in the second half because the squad was higher and the midfielder had a lot of balls to deploy the game. However, we had to have very difficult to get a goal. I think this is A worthy victory was struggled by the goal to go to the last minute "- Captain Barca added.

"We didn't expect a match that the opponent played like this, the ball was blocked in the middle of the field. There are situations we have played focused but have to admit we almost lost because of 2 opportunities I am very clear in the first half. The victory with Barca is extremely important and we can breathe when Messi spoke at the right time "- the Dutch strategist concluded.