Barcelona had a 5-1 victory over rival destruction Ferencvaros in turn the first match UEFA Champions League group stage this year. Home advantage and actually surpass help Barca get all 3 points without too much effort.

Messi shines, Barca go into C1 Cup history thanks to
Messi has always been a key factor in attack Barca (Image Source: Internet)

Messi has always been a key factor in attack Barca

Barca victory can not not mention the explosion of superstar Lionel Messi with 1 goal and 1 line is created. We can say, Messi was the mental factor 3 points for Barca as he constantly "tormented" by mass visitors situations and finish off the ball striking.

Barca's opener from a well to handle tricky phase of Messi before being brought down in the penalty area. Main Messi was brought back opener for the home side at Camp Nou. Not stopping there, almost all the way up the home team's ball must go through the Argentine superstar legs.

Clearly, the influence of Messi is too big to play Barca though coach Ronald Koeman's reign, the Dutch national strategy has always wanted to build a stone does not depend too much on the performance of Messi. But not just Messi, Barca also benefit by performances from the "bamboo shoots" that most young star Ansu duo Fati and Pedri.

Pedri scored right at the first time to play in the Champions League

Barca's first team in Champions League history have 2 players from age 17 and scored in a match, Ansu Fati and Pedri still barely turned 18. If Fati is a familiar name in the season performances this year thanks to the sublimation of this striker from last year, the Pedri really a new discovery of the Camp Nou when moved from Las Palmas new.

Midfielder attack the Spaniards in the first time to play in the Champions League has marked his appearance with phase set in twisted postures relatively difficult to implement. Clearly, the future promises to be bright Barca once Messi go if Fati, Francisco Trincao Pedri and continue to develop the roadmap.