Barcelona began the work focuses on recruiting after identifying heirs and obtain the commitment of Lionel Messi to stay. However internally the team still going to turn these new changes and even Messi can break up the Nou Camp in the summer to the end of the contract year.

Messi set conditions to renew with Barca, waiting for the old man
Sport newspaper said Messi still leave open the possibility to extend the contract with Barca (Image Source: Internet)

Sport newspaper said Messi still leave open the possibility to extend the contract with Barca

Not change also makes people anxious. Leaders Barcelona has discredited serious for the fans this year because many incidents, from the future of Messi until they replace coach Ernesto Valverde midway, leasing company social networks to denigrate the players and claim they reduce wages in Covid season.

Josep Bartomeu president will not run for a new term in elections on June 3/2021 and the above incident also caused his allies almost exhausted the ability to run for the position of authority Club. It's a positive thing by "cabinet" of Bartomeu is the main reason why Messi wants to leave, but the change may make him think again.

According to Sport, Messi may decide to renew the contract in April or May 5/2021 to be retired in the Barcelona shirt. Provided that the new president must convince him about the orientation of the club and his role in it. Messi is still the Champions League ambitions and that would be what he wanted to know whether Barca can do in the next year.

Victor Font and Joan Laporta, two candidate the presidency of Barcelona in 2021

There are 2 candidates brightest president Joan Laporta and Victor Font. Font has emerged strongly from last year and criticized many aspects of how to run the Bartomeu, but the prestige of this business recently has declined after the speech he will certainly be sacked coach Ronald Koeman if Xavi elected to take up his place.

Meanwhile former president Laporta came back with 2 prestigious Available from his previous term, particularly good relationship with Xavi, Puyol, Guardiola, Messi and Barca many other gods. Laporta has said he will give Koeman opportunities and most importantly, the club executive team will mainly former players and those with professional football, but he would not intervene directly every day.

According to Sport, Laporta was probable hold Messi staying loyal to the most by Mr Johan Cruyff's way, to understand football and football do not interfere too deeply. Although Xavi Font promises but that does not really make the Barca players Xavi convinced by rookie not long.