Messi's performance against Ecuador

DT Argentine military display not too impressed at the 2022 World Cup qualifiers in South America. Even so, they still get what they need is a full 3 points before Tel Ecuador. The only goal of the match was scored by Lionel Messi from the penalty spot kick.

Messi scored 3 goals / 3 appearances for Argentina Tel: superstar back, millions of fans excited
Messi scored the only goal in the match between Argentina and DT DT Ecuador (Image Source: Internet)

Messi scored the only goal in the match between Argentina and DT DT Ecuador

This is the third consecutive match Argentinian superstar made public for the national team after the series 4 games were duds at the Copa America 2019. It is noteworthy that all three phase set this decisive match score. Friendly against Brazil (16/11/2019), Messi scored the only goal like confrontation with Ecuador today.

Meanwhile, the successful penalty kick in the 90th minute Messi helped Argentina Tel 2-2 draw with Uruguay and Training (11/19/2019). Earlier, Cavani and Suarez scored for Uruguay Training and alternating between the two goals are goals from Aguero.

This shows that Messi is still the most important factor, "Origin team Tango". Even in the game against Ecuador Tel, grave tone also easily recognize it. Not only scored the only goal, Messi also the center of all the way to the ball.

Training at present Argentina, Messi is kicking to 2 position is striker-cum-midfielder is set. Argentine superstar did not run much, mainly walking. Yet, every time Messi accelerated the opponent's defense disorders.

Messi is still the most important factor of DT Argentina

Not only that, Messi also shown his class in the tectonic phase. Argentine superstar has at least 2 times extremely subtle drop shadow to bring teammates into the favorable finish. Unfortunately, Ocampos and De Paul have no advantage should no tectonic Messi in this game.

Messi said after the match: "We knew before the game was a difficult should the whole team played their best. It is important that Argentina has won 3 points. The whole team will try hard to continue extending this achievement.

This victory is very important because the World Cup qualifiers in South America has never been easier. Each match will be a tough fight and we understand that. For too long the whole team has not been playing together should be a little worried. Last year was a difficult year for all. For the national team can play and win brought joy to people is my honor. "