It says much about the expiry of the two superstars Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. However, not until the Champions League 2019/20, that the new express clearly than ever. Because the markers of age as well as the downturn in the team but the players joined so far fully exposed.

Messi - Ronaldo is no longer
Messi and Ronaldo are eliminated before the semi-finals of the Champions League (Image Source: Internet)

Messi and Ronaldo are eliminated before the semi-finals of the Champions League

This season could mark the storming era in European football Messi & Ronaldo is coming to an end. Two best goalscorers league history were enormous difficulties. And at the age of 35 with Ronaldo and Messi 33, both showed the hitting.

Experts said Marca, Messi and Ronaldo era coming to an end. It came faster than people imagine. But in reality, they have played at the highest level in decades. Barcelona or Juventus fans are not demanding more from Ronaldo Messi, when they still played well, just not outstanding above all else as before.

A coach like Arsene Wenger ... expiration also found that: "Messi ... We have never seen anything like Messi player, someone who can create mutations in the most difficult situations. However, Messi also as Ronaldo, they are coming to an end. Now, the future belongs to the next generation, and it could be French. I think the head is currently Mbappe. also there Neymar playing in Ligue 1 ".

Want proof? Champions League 2019/20 witnessed a sad milestone: For the first time after 15 years, both Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are absent in the Champions League semifinals. The last time the two superstars on the team not in the top four most powerful European 2004/05 - the season witnessed the miraculous feat of Liverpool Istanbul.

Champions League knockout round 2019/20 witness the different faces of Messi and Ronaldo, but the results are as one. Before Lyon, Ronaldo played with a brace wonderful. However, as long as it is not enough to help Juventus to go forward. Champion Italy 9 consecutive years even eliminated in round 1/8.

For his part, Messi brilliance against Napoli but completely "destroyed" when confronted Bayern Munich. Argentine superstar spent most wretched match career. Not surprising that Barca lost 2-8, Messi and his team-mates were criticized severely.

The two results mean that for the first time since the 2004/05 season, both Messi and Ronaldo were not able at his club's Champions League semifinals.

Furthermore, Barca eliminated also means for the first time since the 2006/07 Champions League season, there will be no representative of the Spanish presence in the semifinals. Ronaldo joined Manchester United in the semifinals that year, but lost to AC Milan, the team won the championship.