According to a new statistics are published Whoscored, Messi owns GPA each season are more than Ronaldo majority in 10 years. The only season 2013/14, the Argentine star was assessed balanced with rivals Portugal (both 2 and 8.3 points).

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Ronaldo and Messi make incredible individual race in 10 years (Image Source: Internet)

Ronaldo and Messi make incredible individual race in 10 years

Notably, this is the season Messi had the lowest average score in the last 10 years. 35 year old striker towards the Portuguese, his 2013/14 season Champions League, won the Copa del Rey, the European Super Cup and FIFA Club World Cup.

The only off-season standing with Messi above, all of the remaining season since 2010 until now, Ronaldo stood under her 2 year old superstar poor. Difference between season Messi and Ronaldo the 2016/17 season. In that year, while Messi was 8.5 points Whoscored dots, this figure was only 7.6 with Ronaldo.

Whoscored based on 20 different criteria in each game (such as the proportion of accurate passing, score goals or create ... the challenge is to make the assessment for the players. If each win 1 point, each time the harmony are 0.5 points and each failure is no point ratio between Messi and Ronaldo score in the last 10 years completely at odds with the advantage tilted towards the Barca striker.

Though generally the parameters and performance can be classified under Messi Ronaldo in recent years, but the commercial value of the Portuguese star is still very stable. Recently, CR7 has become the first footballer to become a billionaire in US dollars. He is the sports athlete in history Tuesday with this honor (after Tiger Woods and Floyd Mayweather).

Last year, grossed £ 85m Ronaldo salaries and advertising contracts. Meanwhile, Messi pocketed 84 million pounds. Argentine star is also said to follow Ronaldo on the list of billionaires sport next year.