An impressive 10 goals in Liverpool's Coutinho

Dutch football legend, former midfielder Ronald de Boer has voiced superstar Lionel Messi said that the main cause signings "blockbuster" Philippe Coutinho become "spray bombs" in Barcelona. According to former star each jacket Barca, Messi has created influential too raised the Camp Nou, it affects the chance to play by Coutinho, despite previous Brazilian star is "maestro" destination reality Liverpool.

Messi made legendary outraged
Dutch legend said that Messi made Coutinho isolated (Image Source: Internet)

Dutch legend said that Messi made Coutinho isolated

Philippe Coutinho from Liverpool join Barcelona in a deal worth 160 million euros in 2018. The deal helped transfer money in 1992 became sanitary expensive player 2nd in the world at that time. However, the move to La Liga play has suddenly become a turning point in his career that Coutinho impasse.

Coutinho proved too inept general Barca style of play before being pushed into the Bundesliga Bayern Munich on loan. According to De Boer's former players, cause this unfortunate incident stems from the Barcelona not settled position of Coutinho and Messi in the squad.

"I think as a player Coutinho has crossed the peak of his career. In the past, every phase of Liverpool are looking to shadow him, also in Barcelona does not" - De Boer with talkSPORT share.

"He rarely got the ball over, mission driven gameplay they have Messi worry. The style of Coutinho and Messi have much in common. They are all organizers talented. But once Barca have Messi as coordinator, Coutinho will be playing in a different role and he failed "- former Netherlands midfielder said.

Messi made legendary outraged
Coutinho get sad ending in Barcelona (Image Source: Internet)

Coutinho get sad ending in Barcelona

"Sometimes this team match the style of play you but you will have bad luck when Messi played alongside. Messi run around and perform the role of covering the whole match. Failure in Barcelona is the shame for a star like Coutinho but then I think he'll be fine here "- De Boer concluded.

Brazil's midfield is very deadlock when his Bayern Munich do not want to borrow more this season, Barca also proved indifferent to the prospect of getting back Coutinho. Appearing many rumors about the former Liverpool star will return to England to join Chelsea. However, "The Blues" will be competing with Newcastle fierce, teams are looking to "makeover" under the reign of the Arab boss.