Lionel Messi Barcelona determined to leave, but where is the next landing of Argentine superstar is still a huge question mark. Everyone thought Messi - in the case of leave Barca, going to Man City. But there is one who does not think so: President Florentino Pérez of Real Madrid.

Messi left Barca claim: Real dare to play big buy super blockbuster concussion history?
Going crazy if Messi and Suarez side by side in Real Madrid shirt color (Image Source: Internet)

Going crazy if Messi and Suarez side by side in Real Madrid shirt color

According to El Confidencial, Europe is anxiously about Nou Camp to monitor developments concerning the future of Lionel Messi. There are half a dozen big team of the old continent - and all the teams at the highest level are waiting for an opportunity to recruit the most outstanding superstar history. From Man City, PSG, Chelsea, Manchester United, Juventus, Inter Milan ...

From the moment the explosion of information transfer Lionel Messi so far, the role of "King of the transfer" Real Madrid very faint. Not many people believe that the Argentine - after 16 years of hostility and scored 26 goals against a Madrid team, could join the main team. If President Perez can bring Lionel Messi in the Bernabeu, which is really brilliant feat of construction magnate and super deal that would be the most shocking history of football.

As revealed from Der Spiegel, in May 6/2013, Messi family lawyer, Mr Inigo Juarez told his father that the Real Madrid Messi is ready to put the Argentine striker leave Barcelona. German newspaper said, at that time president Perez ready to spend 250 million euros to break that Messi has signed a contract with Barca. Even had a secret meeting took place between the lawyers of Messi, president Perez, director Miguel Pardeza sports and lawyer of Real Madrid.

After Cristiano Ronaldo had to leave the summer 2018, Real Madrid obviously want to own another superstar in the lineup. With 31 goals and 24 assists to the past season, Messi promises can shine for years to come. Meanwhile, everyone understands that Messi himself longing for the Champions League - the glory that Real have won 4 times in 7 years.