Messi in a recent training session with Barca

Messi has returned to training with Barca in the last 7/9 days. Before rehearsals began, Messi were met with short 30-minute coach Koeman. This is also the first time Koeman talked directly with Messi since he took over Barca.

Messi Koeman coach met privately for 30 minutes, be given a role in the game?
Messi in Barca's recent rehearsals (Image Source: Internet)

Messi in Barca's recent rehearsals

According to information from the newspaper Sport, Messi Koeman request focuses played hard for Barca and Messi promised to help find inspiration in the match. Barca's new coach also expressed satisfaction knowing Messi to set 30 minutes earlier than required. Messi's presence in Barca's campus at around 16h00. As a rule, the Barca players must be present 1 hour before training. That day, hour episode of Barca is 17h30.

On this Saturday (12/9), Barca will be the first friendly match in preparation for the new season playing in the team meeting the Spanish second division, Nastic. Mundo Deportivo on report, this will be an opportunity for experts predict as well as tactical diagram of Barca coach Koeman applied.

Fernando Polo pens predict high likelihood Koeman will use two defensive midfield players in the 4-2-3-1 scheme. In particular, the Dutch national strategy will use Messi in the role, which he said "ideal" with the Argentine star: virtual wingers.

Accordingly, Koeman plans to have one offensive player to play drift boundary, and is likely to be the left with Ousmane Dembele starring, Ansu Fati or Trincao Francisco. Tasks of the player side will be stretched squad of enemy, drop deep when necessary to lure defenders had of the enemy to leave the position, thereby creating a space between him and the midfielder.

Regarding the position of Messi, high likelihood "La Pulga" will be put in place from the first attack from the right, but will move freely in the area last 1/3 of the field as the game takes place. Koeman wants Messi focused on attack and not looking back to join the ball in midfield, but waiting to receive the ball from teammates. Messi will also be supported by the Barca right-back, who will rise regularly to make it difficult for the defender to the left of the goal.

Just tested negative despite Covid-19, Messi still have to file separately to isolate enough time prescribed. So he will not attend the game against Nastic up to date 12/9 to. Messi can only play friendly matches against Girona from 4 days later.