Future of Lionel Messi is the world soccer Spain concerned by long he was judged player most outstanding played in the league this country, both players greatest football country this training should. He is also one of the stars of the most attractive villages and making La Liga soccer becomes worth watching.

Messi doubtful leave Barca: SAO Real people chased, Ramos suddenly hold
Are rivals of each other discomfort than one decade, but Ramos still want to stay in Barca Messi (Image Source: Internet)

Are rivals of each other discomfort than one decade, but still wanted Ramos Messi Barca stay

Messi and Barcelona battle between ongoing timer after many years Messi and Barca dominate La Liga together and constantly opposed to rival the mighty Real Madrid. Even Real's players also concerned about the future of Messi and when they focus the national team, the question of Messi still for these stars.

Sergio Ramos midfielder, captain of Real Madrid Training Spain during a press conference before the match Germany - Spain was in such cases. When asked about the feelings of his situation by Messi this time, Ramos said: "That does not make us worry but I think Messi has won the right to decide the future of him. We do not know intimately and therefore can not be said Messi left Barca current way is up or not. "

But Ramos said that would be ideal if Messi to stay with Barcelona and La Liga. "Leo makes Championships Spain compelling and his team was stronger, Leo made the El Clasico become really worth watching because the winner is the team defeated rival the most powerful. Leo is one of the bridges best player in the world and we want him to stay to have a chance to beat the best, "he said.

Kroos think Messi had a new liver to quit Barca to the Real

But not always have Real player such views. Toni Kroos is currently in Germany and recently he along with his brother Felix Kroos made a podcast about current football story. Topics about Messi inevitable Toni Kroos is mentioned and admitted he was surprised by the current developments, but on the other hand he does not regret if Messi leave Spain.

"Messi is one of the greatest players, but if a player so stop playing for his biggest rival, he had no reason to regret," Kroos said.

When Toni and Felix began to debate the future of Messi will see is where Toni Kroos admitted that he did not know much about the situation inside Barca. "But maybe Messi will go to Man City and Pep (Guardiola). But surely he would not go to the Bernabeu where he can not afford to do that because, in the words of Spanish, he must hepatomegaly have dared to do so monstrous, "Kroos comment.