"We do not want to end the season this way," Messi told Marca after split Barca lost 1-2 Osasuna visitors. "But this match stripped the state of Barca. We too erratic, too weak and too superficial. Barca lost too many points, and we have to blame ourselves. From the players, to all members Barca to self-criticism. Barca is to win every game, win every trophy. Real have done well, but also because we help them much. "

Messi bitter, extremely harsh statements when Barca lost crown to Real
Messi looked dully Real throne (Image Source: Internet)

Messi looked dully Real throne

Besides, Messi also expressed dissatisfaction with himself: "I'm angry because I did not play well, have a lot of chances but failed to score. The whole team tried but could not. Barca lack of desire ".

Messi Barca were concerned continued to be eliminated in the Champions League, if not improve the situation. "If we want Champions League, we have to change much. If you keep playing like this, Barca will lose Napoli lost. Players tried, but sometimes lacking in few matches longing. Distance upcoming holiday is an opportunity for us to relax the mind. From January to now, the situation of Barca sucks. But if you win four games in the Champions League, we will change the whole season. "

Finally, Messi admitted himself angry defeat in La Liga this season. "They're all mad, and so do we. Like when Barca defeat in Rome or Liverpool, nobody fun at all. The fans lost patience, because we did not bring anything."

Over Osasuna, Barca's Messi 1-2 defeat with the score despite playing more than 77 minutes from the 6th This is defeat of the hosts Camp Nou this season. Messi is the author of the only goal in this match Barca with a penalty kick fence.

Meanwhile, with a 2-0 win at home to Villarreal thanks on brace by Karim Benzema, Real has dropped 7 points from Barca and officially crowned La Liga champions this season early first round.

Barca continually leads La Liga until May 1/2020, coach Ernesto Valverde when fired. They appointed Quique Setien and a few days later, Barca lost the top of the table. Under his Setien, Barca have won 12, drawn three and lost three matches in La Liga. They must look Real crowned the first time since 2017.