Barcelona could start the season is fine, but where the scenes are a mess. Leadership this club is facing a motion of no confidence which, if happens, then president Josep Bartomeu and his colleagues will be sacked, because this club has weakened in terms of achievement and to finance the club deep terrible loss due Covid-19 translation and the impact on the irrational spending many years.

Messi & Barcelona teammate was hiring a lawyer to court, the club could be sold
Chairman and board Bartomeu Barca planned arbitrarily cut staff salaries in time was in motion of no confidence (Image Source: Internet)

Chairman and board Bartomeu Barca planned arbitrarily cut staff salaries in time was in motion of no confidence

But more recently the litigation issues appear at the Nou Camp. According to Spanish media, Barcelona are having a dispute with the workers, including the players, after they planned to cut 30% of the salary of all employees are working. According to sources, this plan is being finalized for implementation in 3 weeks, but it seems Barca arbitrarily do it without the consent of the other party.

1 week ago Barca leadership has announced about cutting wages on the grounds need to quickly overcome the financial deficit that the club suffered. The notice that there is no agreement with the representatives of employees and representatives of the players has caused the reaction of grievances, and now the players are demanding leadership must explain directly with them.

According to the press, if the day 22/10 to which the parties do not reach an agreement and Barca are still arbitrarily implement wage cuts, the case can be brought to court and the employee can submit from 5/11 day. Currently the club has 540 administrative employees and their salaries accounted for less than 3% of the total budget team.

Messi and Barca players are hiring lawyers to sue in court Barca if they cut wages

But the players and the coaching staff their salaries Barca then account for almost 70% of the budget, and they seem not to accept cuts earlier this year by agreeing to reduce once. Evidence of this attitude is that recently a leading Spanish lawyer labor law has been hired by an unnamed supposedly representing the Barca players, believed Cadena SER radio.

Previously we had reported about the Barca players may voluntarily terminate the contract if the Barca unilaterally violating the terms specified in the contract, leading to a possibility of hard to believe that Lionel Messi could leave Man City team to go to that can not be sued. But the case of the players win and forced Barca must comply with the contract, this will lead to an unprecedented event.

According to Cadena SER, if Barca have debt exceeding the permitted level and was proving insufficient financial capacity to pay the loan, the government of Spain will withdraw the license certification Barcelona sports organizations non-commercial basis owned by the fans. They will be asked to move to form the company limited liability sport (Sociedad Anonima Deportiva) and for the first time in the history of Barca will become the organization that owns the private entrepreneurs or corporations to buy resale .

The loss of sports organizations as noncommercial would signal a period of uncertainty for Barcelona, ​​by many football clubs in Spain has fallen into a ball valve when switching to this form. Valencia is an example, Singapore billionaire Peter Lim is selling the club last summer and saw Valencia take a series of pillars cheaply.