Admire the performances of Lautaro Martinez:

After numerous attempts, Barcelona can retain successful star Lionel Messi No. 1 team. But in stark contrast, 33 years old striker did not seem happy after grudgingly play for the remainder of the contract (6/2021).

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Barcelona want Messi alongside Martinez (Image Source: Internet)

Barcelona want Messi alongside Martinez

Of course Barcelona understand the psychology of Messi. Therefore, sources Goal revealed that they are preparing to send a proposal to the Inter hyperbolous to recruit "blockbuster" Lautaro Martinez. This can be considered as the greatest gift to appease the wrath of Messi and help he can wholeheartedly compete in the new season.

Lautaro Marinez also need to know that was the name M10 require purchase of the former Barcelona. Not only is the color coat countrymen in Argentina, 23 years old striker also has a very bright future ahead. Last season, Martinez is one of the most outstanding striker in Europe scored 21 goals, create another 7 goals after 49 matches for Inter Milan.

If successful recruit Lautaro Martinez, Barcelona will be one of the best young strikers like Luis Suarez today and eerie. There are scorers crystallized from the explosion, exquisite skills and definitely a great touch.

In addition, the aerial ability of Lautaro also extremely impressive, although he only 1m74 high.

According to Diario Sport revealed, Inter Milan have required minimum 85 million euros to release the person. However, Barcelona will sit at the negotiating table with an offer of 65 million euros to add a player. Arturo Vidal is said to be the name assigned to this transaction.

Parallel to that, Barcelona will quickly push away Luis Martinez Suarez to clear the way welcome. Some time ago new coach Ronald Koeman is said to have frankly told Suarez that the striker is no longer guaranteed the stone position in his squad and should find a new club.

In the case of Suarez gone, Martinez theoretically can still eat the new partner of Messi in attack, and this is even stronger decision making Barca deal in this expensive.