Catalunya is having concussion. Believes Lionel Messi announced his decision to leave Barcelona with the leadership the club has created a wave of news for more than 6 hours, from speculation about the reason for his departure and destination to change history Barca going through.

Messi Barca shock threatened to sue, why president Bartomeu
Messi is seeking leave Barca as freedom (Image Source: Internet)

Messi is seeking leave Barca as freedom

But this story is about to step into a new milestone extremely ugly. Messi wants to activate the clause allowing him to leave the club at the end of each season to which selected the next destination, but Barca pretext that that provision has expired since the end of June and now Messi only come to the club they want to sell.

Messi's contract previously existed terms, starting in 2018 he could make a decision to leave the club or not when the season ends. But 2020 was a special year because the season ends in August, while the normal contract terms will expire after 10/6 days. Translation Covid-19 has created a special situation and Messi's lawyers are looking at that contract to provide escape for him.

And according to sources in Catalunya, that provision appears to have been extended to the end of 31/8 and if so, then Messi will officially bid farewell to the club next week. But Barca still definitely hold his views, they even threatened to sue in court if Messi does not "respect the contract".

Messi Barca shock threatened to sue, why president Bartomeu
President Bartomeu (right) and colleagues determined not resign despite Messi doubtful go (Image Source: Internet)

President Bartomeu (right) and colleagues determined not resign despite leaving Messi doubtful

Reason that Barca definitely want to sue the club's living legend? According to Xavi Campos, who is almost a source "insiders" at Barca and is reported for Radio Cat Radio, Barca has held an emergency meeting on the case of Messi, but ultimately the president Josep Bartomeu and the depth is still not resigned, but the reason is because of money.

As stipulated in the club Barcelona, ​​who held the chairman and all the members of the board of directors will be responsible for financial damages to the organization if the end of term in a state of loss club. Chairman of the team will be responsible for 15% of the annual budget of Barcelona, ​​corresponding to approximately 150 million euros.

Bartomeu and his colleagues will have to compensate losses to Barcelona if resign now

That Barca will almost certainly lost if Bartomeu resigned now, the club has to make exchange Arthur - Pjanic controlling interest only to record in accounting books but that is not enough. In other words, Bartomeu and colleagues are clung to wait Lionel Messi sold at bargain prices to drain hole, if not almost all these guys will have to compensate for Barca and mass bankruptcy.

So Messi Barca are now threatened to sue not because want to keep him, but because he wants to sell to make money and freeing his way for top officials. This will be one of the most painful tragedies when talking about Barca Messi era, if it is the end of both sides dragged to court together.