Lionel Messi's performances before Leganes

Lionel Messi and the Barcelona continued campaign La Liga match against Leganes and except the first minutes of heart-pounding because defense careless, they had a game not too difficult for the team bottom of the table even record 2 goals.

Messi as rejuvenation: Solo from midfield slotted, irritated that missed milestones
Messi as children in previous performances Leganes (Image Source: Internet)

Messi as children in previous performances Leganes

Goals for 2 minutes as a penalty from Messi, but the most remarkable is what happens before: Take the ball from scratch midfield, Messi was fouled but still stormed through both the two players fouled him, Leganes entered the penalty area before being pulled down. Penalty is because he gives himself and also carry it to the winner 2-0.

But Messi does not want to stop there, he also sought to 3rd Phase solo goal that is not only a rare moment, at the end of the game was when after 90 + 6 Leo still have very fast moving situation is no different what you back 19 years. He was very urgently and urged teammates to the ball as fast as possible even when the lead was safe, but ended Barca does not have more goals,

It appears that by Messi wanted a brace to officially hit the milestone of 700 goals in his career at Barcelona and the national team 1 team Argentina. Leganes penalty before second mark 699 goals, but he still lacks a mixed up again and will have to wait another day to hit the milestone into.