After 20 years with Barcelona, ​​Leo Messi has decided to leave the team found "no longer the same." Even so, this is still the concussion information to all those who love football. Barcelona fans flock to the Nou Camp to denote anger while team leaders have met to 3-hour emergency to find the solutions.

Messi and Barca are about to go to court, the lawyer said the winning party
Messi faxed his request to go to Barcelona (Image Source: Internet)

Messi faxed his request to travel to Barcelona

Barcelona's goal remains to keep Messi's contract until the end of the summer sometimes years later. In the worst case, both sides will have to go to court to resolve the dispute. So which side will have more advantages?

Specialized sports lawyer, Santiago Nebot, general advisor of the association of professional footballers of Spain (AFE) has given its judgment on the case. "I think Barcelona will prevail even though Messi has his own arguments. If he told Barcelona's wish be allowed to leave but the team did not agree Messi could not do anything because black and white is the same. "

"Of course, Messi had a weapon of his own. If Barcelona refused to negotiate, he will try to use special terms. A special feature here is Covid-19 is capable of making the date of the contract lost sense ".

Special provisions of the contract signed by Barcelona and Messi signed in 2017 is this superstar has the freedom to leave one year earlier than the deadline on the contract (2021). However, this provision expires on 10/6, but Barca have next season ended in August.

Special provisions in contracts in 2017 is the crux of the story

Because of this, Messi can rely on it to request that this clause to "have the freedom to go when the season 2019/20 ended". However, it can be done or not, it still is a difficult question to answer. In case you can not change the contract, Messi's hard to leave Barcelona this summer by teams only sell players for $ 700 million euros, with fees break the contract by both parties, or if not, a fee a world record.

However if dragged to court together, the mutual affection is depleted. Barcelona Messi at best retain and add another year that is not what the team wanted the Camp Nou. According Nebot lawyer, it should make Barcelona the most ingenious was then sit negotiate with Messi.

"In this case, they need to negotiate to Messi dropped the idea. In a year, Barcelona have the chance to convince him by the winner and new glory. It is the best plan for their time at present, "he Nebot comment.