Lionel Messi's performances before Bolivia:

Messi unexpected battle with players Bolivia border

After the match ended, tensions suddenly occurs when players of both teams conflict. Focus Leo Messi is still the superstar. Members of the coaching staff and the players of the two teams immediately rushed to keep the "hot head" calmed down.

Messi almost mad at opponents in the stadium had
Messi surprise "border war" with Bolivia players after the match ended (Image Source: Internet)

Messi surprise "border war" with Bolivia players after the match ended

Spain's Marca newspaper analyzed the situation then and discovered Leo Messi was the provocation. It started from Marcelo Moreno Martins striker Bolivia. This player deliberately mention of DT 1-6 defeat to Argentina 11 years ago. That is the game Messi was gagging because not breathe because the air is too thin.

Then, the two sides are all separated. Marcelo Moreno Martins still count "behind enough" with Argentine superstar Messi proved during calmer. "He was how so? Why should mess up just like that? Why just mess with me?".

When Messi switched to another direction to avoid conflict, Lucas Nava, fitness coach of Bolivia, (the Argentine) have to make peace. Argentine superstar proved not too angry and repeated the question above. Obviously, Messi does not want to stick to the troubles are not related to football.

Messi shines above 3650m altitude compared to sea level

Argentina had the ideal start campaign in 2022 World Cup qualifiers in South America after winning the maximum 6 points after 2 matches. Most recently they beat Bolivia 2-1 reverse an opponent, pass gate is considered the most difficult for any other South American team in the game, compared with 3,000 meters altitude sea level.

Messi and his teammates won all of the first two qualifying matches beginning in 2022 World Cup

Home field of recruitment Bolivia have witnessed many great shock when he came here and defeated because not adapted to conditions at altitude thin air it difficult to adapt. Even Messi and the Argentina team also had scapegoat here in the past, many people still remember the image of him vomiting game in Bolivia many years ago.

And it was thought to result when Argentina failed conceded a goal after 24 minutes Marcelo Moreno header Bolivian side. But Argentina came back to win the match 2-1 and Messi has not won small 3 this point.

Although physically not up to the highest state and it took until the end of the 1st half to take the first shot, but Messi did well to create opportunities for teammates. England 3 times put Leandro Paredes in position to tying (1-few meters, once the dam column), gave Lautaro Martinez escaped down the face of the goalkeeper failed after 76 minutes, before he himself stole the ball and spark table 2-1 win fixing of Joaquin Correa.

But not just Messi, Argentina still won by Lautaro Martinez with a 1-1 scoreline somewhat lucky in minute 45 and tectonic phase directly to Correa. And in the middle of the pitch, midfielder Exequiel Palacios made a game is rated good, distributing the ball continuously for online processing and interception efficiency in the middle that Bolivia could not get into the penalty Argentina if not put out record.

Argentina had a World Cup qualifying campaign in 2018 is extremely unhappy that they have to make the ticket last weekly auction new thanks to the individual brilliance of Messi. But now the young star of the team is showing freshness and Messi when should still know how to shine in time.