Messi scored twice to help Barcelona 5-2 Betis victory (source BDTV)

Antoine Griezmann from the Atletico Madrid join Barcelona in the summer of 2019 with the transfer fee of 120 million euros. However, the 2018 World Cup champion was rated as "spray bombs", only 15 goals / 48 games last season and 2 goals / 9 games this season.

In an interview on Sport Witness, former Griezmann representative, Eric Olhats flatly declared Lionel Messi is the reason why the French striker defeat at the Nou Camp.

Messi accused of
Advisor to former prime Griezman Messi at Barca abuse and mistreatment French striker (Image Source: Internet)

Advisor to former prime Griezman Messi at Barca abuse and mistreatment French striker

Specifically, this character reveal the relationship between Griezmann and Messi very bad. Multiple sources said the deal makes Barca recruited Griezmann acquisition can not close partner of Messi, Neymar. Therefore, M10 "snubbed" the French striker, did not even talk or pass the ball to teammates.

"Antoine joined a team is engulfed in crisis, where Messi hand in everything. He is like the king and did not look sympathetic to Griezmann. Griezmann said she did not have any problems with Messi but things not so, "said Eric Olhats.

Eric Olhats also pointed out a series reasons Griezmann decline, next relationship is not well with Messi: "Not Griezmann, the Barca new problem. Coming here last year, Messi is not even bothering to talk or pass the ball to Griezmann and makes him vulnerable.

Plus events resign president Bartomeu, 2-8 defeat against Bayern in the Champions League, the team spent three life coach, ..., thereby Griezmann not have the best conditions to develop their talent. "

Referring to Messi, Eric Olhats continue offensive superstar 33 years with heavy words, even demanding action asserted in the summer to leave Barca he merely moves the game "Make yourself as machine":

"Messi threatened to go only to confirm the position players most importantly my team only, in the end he stayed in. The talent of he proportional to behave off the pitch. Barca have suffered Messi put for a long time, there is a pathogen exists in the team and left incalculable consequences ".