Recently, the Superstar Lionel Messi suddenly received a request to consider abandoning the famous No. 10 shirt in Barcelona. After the legendary Diego Maradona died, the world football was still regret to the departure of a legend. The wave of calling the World Cup 1986 champion continuously appears in different ways.

Messi gratitude Maradona over the weekend

Over the weekend, Lionel Messi and his comrades also have a meaningful match to grateful one-time player of the Nou Camp. Barcelona defeated Osasuna with a score of 4-0 during the day that Messi actively wore a famous shirt of Newell's Old Boys, the team Maradona had played.

The Argentinian striker was scored for Barca to raise this match to remember the legendary legend. However, Messi unexpectedly received a request from Maraodona's son. Accordingly, Diego Armando Maradona Sinagra, the son of Legend of Legend Diego Maradona acknowledged that Lionel Messi advanced another step in grating his father by leaving the No. 10 shirt in Barca.

Maradona's son asked Messi to do unimagged, Barca stunned
The No. 10 shirt in Barca is asked by Maradona's son (source: Internet)

The number 10 shirt in Barca was asked by Maradona's son to remove

Mundo Deportivo added that Maradona's son was very touched with the actions that Messi showed to commemorate the late father. But he wanted to protect the 10-piece jersey in Barca as a symbol so that every time he mentioned it, people would remember a great legend called Maradona.

Previously, former Chelsea coach, Andre Villas-Boas also made it even more shocked with the statement to completely remove the No. 10 shirt in professional football after knowing that Maradona died. Obviously, there are many different ways to grateful to the Argentinian legend but not any plan feasible and get agreement from public opinion.