One of the most famous goals recorded by Maradona is the "Lord's hand". The situation took place in the 1986 World Cup quarter-finals between England and Argentina. With this goal, Maradona opened the door to help Argentina into the semi-finals and then to the world championship on Mexico.

Maradona tricks have a goal of
The Bulgarian, Dochev was later acknowledged very well Maradona used the ball (source: Internet)

The Bulgarian agency, dochev later admitted very clearly Maradona using the ball

Maradona tricks have a goal of
Maradona advanced the 1986 World Cup championship (source: Internet)

Maradona raised the 1986 World Cup championship trophy

Also in that match right after the four-minute's "Lord's hand", he scored the second goal, assigning a 2-1 victory for Argentina. It was a classic solo phase on a distance of 60 meters, defeating 5 players, which was later elected to be "a century goal".

After the victory, Maradona admitted to play the ball by hand. Answering the BBC interview, he said the goal was recorded by: "Partial with the head and part with the Lord's hand". Since then, the concept of scoring "Lord's hand" was born.

Later, the former assistant assistant Mr. Dochev (Bulgarian) recounted himself acknowledged to see the craft ball of Maradona. But because of the Assistant Dochev Danice Language with the referee Nasser (Tunisi) leads to mistakes in judging the situation at that time.

"FIFA Law allows assistant assistants expressing views if consulted by the main arbitration. At that time, Mr. Nasser recognized the goal without asking me. We don't get the common language to communicate. Mr. Bin Nasser only knew how to use the native language, "Mr. Dochevlded Mr. Dochev.

Thus, the referee made a decision to help Maradona score the goal of causing much controversy in the world football village. Maradona was praised by his hometown. But because of this goal, Maradona was hated bad in England.