The football world has just mourned to say goodbye to Diego Maradona after he came from the age of 60 for a heart attack at Tigre (capital Buenos Aires, Argentina). Time was a player, "Yellow Boy" scored many beautiful goals, including a preparing phase that made him a special history of praise.

Maradona scored the most beautiful goal in the century: The immortal patient of
Maradona Solo scored a century with Argentina to cross the British quarterfinals in the World Cup on June 22, 1986 in Mexico (Photo source: Internet)

Maradona Solo scored a century to help Argentina overtake him in the World Cup quarter-final on June 22, 1986 in Mexico

During the 1986 World Cup quarter-finals in Mexico, when and Argentina against England, Maradona contributed a brace to help "Albiceleste" overcome the "Three Mekong" 2-1 on the gold cup coronation journey. 55 minutes, only 4 minutes later the goal kicked the controversial score called Maradona called "God's hand", he set up a super product to life.

It was when this legend received the ball from the middle of the field, performing a class-class rotating phase before going on the ball with a distance of nearly 60 m to the 5 British players (Peter Beardsley, Steve Hodge, Peter Reid, Terry Butcher And Terry Fenwick), then dragged the ball through the great goalkeeper Peter Shilton before finishing on empty golf.

World Cup championship 34 years ago with Argentina is the pinnacle of the career of "Yellow Boy"

Maradona's goal was voted as a "century goal" in an online election held by the World Football Federation (FIFA) in 2002. Also in that year, a surplus survey Commented to Channel 4 of British television performed, evaluating the above preparation of the 1960s of the 1960s of Argentina in the top 100 most impressive sports moments in history.